Kiffin to Auburn

according to this guy

Just one more reason I’m glad we didn’t hire him.


Lane thoughts on this story.


skeptical at best on this… Kiffin is a nomad no doubt, but he is disputing it. Yes I know they always dispute things, then jump. Still consider the story source is an MSU guy, I just have a feeling they are trying to cause some turmoil before the Egg Bowl.

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If the source is an MSU guy, you’re right. It might be nothing more than an attempt to distract. No way to know yet.

Bio says he graduated from Ithaca College. Only tie he has to MSU is that he reports on the athletic program…but it says he also does the same for Ole Miss. Apparently, the station he’s at is in northeast Mississippi, which is closer to Starkville. But I don’t know why he’d be trying to stir up anything. Might his sources? I guess so.

He went to his current station from Lubbock in the past couple of years, where he covered Texas Tech.

Yes. This guy covers all the Mississippi schools. He’s also the one who nailed John Cohen to Auburn.

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It will be very interesting to see how it turns out

Doesn’t a coach and the University that hires him have in the contract that if the coach leaves for another position, it can’t be to a Conference rival? If not, then Ole Miss deserves Kiffin bailing on them for stupidity alone.

Some schools do, some don’t. Sam has a non-compete clause, which I think has been routine since HDN left for OM.

It’s my understanding Kiffin does not have that clause. If not why?

Meanwhile, A&M officials are likely burning up the phone lines to Auburn…“Hey, as long as you guys are in the raiding mood, please don’t forget about Jimbo! We feel he’d be a great fit for your fine institution.”


Yes, tongue in cheek, but it has a serious wishfulness probably for the Aggies. They might even through in a kicker of a few million. Jimbo has sure lost that team. Mass defections likely.

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Sweet…Like a MLB trade when a team unloads a player but still picks up part of the salary!

Think of the possible deal Auburn could get - The Aggies pay 1/3 of Jimbo’s salary to Auburn to add to Auburn’s offer. They would save 6 million. Jimbo could walk away with his annual income intact. Crazy world

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Laney boy’s denials are all ambiguous or vague. So much so that I’d bet he’s gone.

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My Auburn friends say Auburn will not announce anything until after the Iron Bowl. They want to show respect and not rain on Cadillac’s parade. Those same friends would be happy if Cadillac stays as the HC, but his resume’ doesn’t support his candidacy according to them–lack of head coaching experience.

Hiring Cadillac would be a goldmine for the SEC West. He doesn’t appear qualified or ready, and, if hired as an alum, makes it a tiny bit tougher to can him on down the road. Remember: all coaches are hired to be fired. Someday.

I’m ready for Saban to be fired.

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