Kiffin staff

I’m on the Kiffin wagon because I think he may be able to hire the best staff of any candidate.

Biddy put out there (on a free podcast) that he may bring Pittman back to Fayetteville, along with ace recruiter Lance Thompson who is currently with him. Apparently Lance and Sam are very close.

That would start the makings of a group that could recruit very effectively in the SEC West, and that’s before even working through his vast list of connections.

Thompson ranked as the No. 1 recruiter in the nation on the Ultimate ESPN 300 recruiting power rankings for 2014 when he was coaching at Alabama.

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The stories all going in different directions…:crazy_face:

Kiffin is fine w me…what happened to the Pittman only comes as the HC story?
Seems more believable to me. Yeah, that would be great.

This seems too good to be true. Getting three recruiters like that for important positions would be more than a homerun hire–it’s a grand slam.

For sure. Who knows.

After changing my mind about 20 times, I’ve about decided we should just go after whoever can bring the best staff.

Seems like that has been a main weakness for several years now.

Now we just need to get Venables as the DC…no problem, Dreamin’ :sunglasses:

Even if the Pittman stuff doesn’t happen, Thompson would be the best defensive recruiter we’ve had…ever??

Like I said, Kiffin’s connections are what excite me most about him.

Food for thought - perhaps Norvell could get some of these guys to rejoin him if he has SEC $$ at his disposal. Or he could identify other really good coaches - seems to have a knack for it.

I think both could probably hire really good staffs.

Thanks Jackson. That is very encouraging. Been wondering about that with him.

Makes me like him even more.

Maybe bring Pittman as OC, with Lane calling plays? That, and a big paycheck, would probably be the only way he could be enticed to come here. Honestly, I’m not really worried at the outset about the OC position. Lane is going to be very hands-on with the offense the first couple of years.

DC, however, is uber important to his success here.