Kiffin or Morris?

Who you like?
Not sure if either are interested…

Kiffin and it shouldn’t be close.

He is a young coach, who like he said and I believe received his advanced degree in coaching serving under Saban. I think he’s matured and learned a lot ot from previous mistakes. He’s a true offensive genius.

He also has a unique factor, his name alone has the power to bring relevance to any program. He should be a candidate.

If LK understands we must recruit Texas hard , I’m in

Given those two choices, it’s Morris and it ain’t close.

Let’s not screw up and let Miss State scoop
Up Kiffin

Please let Mistake get Kiffin. With his attitude, and carelessness, coupled with Mistakes’ Adidas Connection. It won’t be long and they’ll be sanctioned.