Kiffin is a.......

Jerk. Last night he ran up the score against Terry Bowden and Akron. As the game ended he was still calling pass plays trying to score. His players doused him with Gatoraid and his reaction was disgust frowning and throwing his clipboard. In the after game interview he seem uninterested and distant. Not a good look for someone trying to sell his program.

Hate Saban or love him you have to give him credit for not running up the score and showing respect to the other team after the game.

It’s a matter of opinion I guess. You practice and play to BEAT the other team. 50-3, ehhh, not so much running up a score in my mind.

So, what do you have to say about Hogs continuing to score in the last seconds against Oral Roberts last night??? I don’t see it as running up the score. I see it as letting the subs have an opportunity to play the game.

In a bowl game where it’s many players last time to ever step on a field, I bet at the end of the game they’d rather run routes than take a knee. It’s more than just winning, it’s the end of the road for some who absolutely love the game.

Those back ups want to score just as bad as the starters in the first quarter, they have family that’s watching them also and want to get their shine on… :smiley:

Apples and oranges. I’m talking about the last minute of the game. Football etiquette is to show sportsmanship in the last minute by kneeling. Pro or college.
He is a jerk. And a good football coach. His actions define him.

Bama 59 Vandy 0
Bama 66 Ole Miss 3

Bama 51 Miss St 3

Bama 59 TAMU 0

Saban is so respectful, why can’t everyone be like him?

It seems everyone gets upset about football scores getting run up, but you don’t hear a lot about it in basketball. Arkansas ran up the score on Troy and ORU the past two games. So what? Those players want to show out just like the starters when they get their chance.

I’ve never had a problem with a team throwing passes late in games, just like I don’t have any problem with walk-ons launching 3s in the final seconds. Besides, losing by 40 doesn’t feel any better than losing by 47.

Don’t forget the back-to-back 52-0 wins over Arkansas.

I don’t mind second- and third-team guys getting their opportunity and playing to score when they get the opportunity. I did find it curious that he went for two after a touchdown that gave his team a 34-3 lead (36-3 after the two-point conversion), and so did the announcers. But he doesn’t answer to me or the announcers, and since he’s not Arkansas’ coach, I don’t really care.

Obviously I failed to communicate the main point I was trying to make. In the last minute of the game Kiffin was still flinging it around the field. A simple knell down IMO was the sportsmanlike thing to do. And his attitude after the game was not impressive.

Just don’t like his style.

Threads like this make me think the internet is a bad deal. … -up-by-31/

No one asked me to, but I’m going to weigh in . . .

Sure, Bama wins 50-0 type games once or twice a year. It’s a function of being a LOT more talented, MUCH better coached than most teams on their schedule, and then getting a lot of help (i.e., turnovers) from their opponent. IIRC, Bama set some kind of record for scoring by defense a year or two ago. In our game with them, I think their defense scored directly twice (interception, fumble scoop and score) and probably set their offense up with very favorable field position against our paper-mache defense another couple of times.

What you DON’T see is Bama running end-arounds, flea flickers or bombs in the final minutes of a blow-out game.

And in basketball, sometimes a team is hot (other nights, not-so-much . . . :expressionless: ). You’ve got a 30 second clock, and if your team is hitting 58% of their shots and the other guys are turning it over, there’s not a LOT you can do to keep it close (and, you don’t WANT to “keep it close” in these days of 3 pointers and 20 point leads evaporating in 8 minutes).

But, you DO see classy coaches “calling off the dogs” in the last minutes of a mismatch. That’s when guys like Johnathan Holmes come in. And, if you will remember, the ORU coach last night said that Mike “had mercy on them” and pulled the press with about 15 minutes to go in the game. “He could have beaten us by 80” is what the coach said, I believe.

Class is class. It’s easy to see when someone (like Kiffin) has none. I loath the guy.

I don’t mind if the team with the big lead is still playing the game and not just kneeling as long as they’re playing the game with players other than the starters. It’s keeping your first string in and throwing it all over when you’re up 40 that I think speaks to character… and those things are not forgotten by the opposing coaches.

Kiffin was disappointed the cheerleaders didn’t give or take a Gatorade shower…

To me, that doesn’t make his point. It just makes him look like a lower person. I figure the 35-3 score puts the Akron official in his place. Kiffin using that as an excuse to go for two speaks volumes about him, not the Akron official.

I’d really prefer to forget :slight_smile:

Forget what? :slight_smile:

I just don’t like Kiffin so my bias will allow me to turn anything he does into to a negative.