Kiffin has new DC

I’m sure Nick highly suggested he leave. Surprising he didn’t have a non compete SEC clause. Or maybe Nick wants to play against his D.

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My son is doing backflips. He strongly disliked Bama DC.

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Last week Birmingham radio was speculating that this would be the direction the defense went. I am trying to think of who they were speculating as to would be his replacement.

I would not be surprised if they pull in someone that will also be the head coach in waiting. Nick is getting older, NIL and Portal are making college football a nightmare, I can see him on edging to his way out.

Nick has shown the ability to adapt. Remember when he complained about spread offenses? Then he went to one and won a few nattys with it. He’s adapting to NIL quite nicely. I don’t think he’s going anywhere soon.

I think it is gonna be the dc down at southern Mississippi. After looking into the guy some I kind of wish we would’ve hired him.

USM is my alma mater and I live about a mile from the campus so I do follow them some. They had a very solid defensive team this year. Very aggressive and hard-nosed.

Coach in waiting behind Saban? Has Hiring someone with that caveat been done. Usually it’s to keep someone from leaving you know fits, not to bring someone in. Not doubting, just puzzled.

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