Kiffin and what

He’s done with fAU is very impressive.

I’m watching the game, he is a fantastic play caller. Fun to watch.

If we’re actually serious about recruiting top-tier players from outside our recruiting region, Kiffin is our only choice. He was good enough for Saban’s OC for three seasons. In year one, he’s turned FAU from three consecutive 3-9, 3-9 and 3-9 seasons to 9-3, with an 8 game winning streak that’s about to go to 9. Yet, his personality, which attracts the top-tier recruits, somehow disqualifies him from being our HC?

I agree.

We just had the nice guy, win your heart over coach. All he did was fog up people’s vision on how bad of a coach he was in 5 wars.

Go get Kiffin if we can’t get Gus. FAU looks more physically impressive than we did this year. He’s a great recruiter, and a very good play call, exactly what we need.

Have to have a great recruiter!

Agree. I’d be amazed if he is the one, but if it was my choice, Kiffin presents the best chance to have a quick turnaround for the Hogs.

Kiffin has the moxie. I would prefer him to the SMU coach.
As some have posted, he can recruit nationally. OC at
Bama for three years speaks loudly. Saban goes for the best
and money is never a problem.

I would have him on the plane tonight…no brainer.

He can flat out coach. Look what happened to Bama’s offense this year. He has coached in SEC . I believe it should be a tossup between Kiffin and Morris after Gus unless there is some dark horse nobody knows about. I like Venables but I ‘m wondering if he would be a good HC there are some who are excellent coordinators but are terrible HC. We had one at Arkansas Monte Kiffin who was an excellent DC but was terrible HC at NC State and then was a DC at several NFL teams including my Packers.