Kiffin and Pittman

Have Kiffin and Pittman worked together? Anybody know?

Pittman was Butch Davis’ OL coach at NC for his entire tenure. Bring them both home! IT’S TIME!

Thanks. Yep :+1:

Kiffin and Pittman have not been on the same staff as far as I can see.

Pittman came to Tennessee to work for Derek Dooley after Kiffin left there. Most of Kiffin’s past is in the West. Pittman’s jobs have mostly been in the Midwest/South.

Clay, I like your thoughts on Seth Lutrell at North Texas? Solid coach, threat offensive mind, and up/coming coach!

I think it would be difficult to sell Littrell as much of an upgrade over Morris. This is his first year with a full roster of his recruits and North Texas has really fallen back. UNT is 4-6 this season, the defense has been a mess and the offense is not playing as well even with its star QB back.

I think Littrell might have to re-prove himself some if he is going to get a Power 5 job.

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Good feedback. I spent time with him and his family in Destin a couple years ago and he was telling me how they were going to bring it to us! I laughed but they sure did! He has more SEC wins than Chad! LOL

That’s a low threshold. I’m tied with Morris for SEC wins and I don’t even coach.

Also tied on P5 wins!

He did get Kim Dameron fired though and likely Mike Bobo as well.