Kids that opted out

Does anyone have any thoughts about the young men that opted out this year because of the virus? I’m sure they remain on scholarship and will be able to return next year. But I also assume that they will drop to the bottom of the depth chart and have an uphill battle to get any PT. Also I wonder how their teammates view them? I’ll speculate many will enter the portal for those reasons or may just give up the game.

I’m not putting them down but it seems to me they will have a difficult time coming back.

LD I think it just depends. If I recall one of the individuals has serious family medical history and was taking an abundance of caution. And so I think teammates particularly his position mates will understand that. But there may be others that for whatever reason just don’t wanna be here and that will work itself out regardless.

That makes a lot of sense. Me in the wife are in self quarantine right now having been exposed at a Bible Study in our home. So I’ll not pass judgment on anyone. But they are losing a lot of practice and conditioning work. It’s certainly uncharted ground.

It would be interesting to know what those players are doing for conditioning. I wonder if some of them have reached out to the staff and have asked for a work out plan and a conditioning plan and a nutrition plan. I don’t know if when they opt out they are even permitted to continue to work with the team. Or if the team even wants them around. That would be interesting to know. maybe Matt has some insight on that.

I think you give them a pass and let them make their on call; this is potentially a real treat. Bigger than football.

I believe that is the protocol per the NCAA and/or SEC. They make their own call. But how does that affect their future? Losing a year of practice and conditioning is costly.

But agree that it’s bigger than football.

I think just because they can come back does not mean they will be granted a scholarship due to numbers game, due to some seniors will have the option to come back and be on scholarship again such as Franks, Warren, Marshall and I’m sure its a couple of other guys the coaches would love to get them back for another year… I was talking to a college coach a couple weeks ago about this and they pretty much said its going to be a business decision.

How many opt outs do we have? Off the top of my head, I can only think of the Big JUCO O-lineman who was probably never going to play here, and Jarquez McClellion.

Nwanna; McClellion; Nash; Jacobs

Honestly doubt any of those players will actually return here.

LSU & Tennessee are about to have a flood of elite talent enter the portal in December…

After the season he’s having, I’ll be surprised if Marshall doesn’t go pretty high in the 2021 NFL draft.

He certainly looks the part

I don’t consider Jacobs an opt out. He didn’t opt out until he lost his starting job.

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He is having a great season but what round do you mean by high?

I don’t really have any idea of what round, but I see that he looks, and is playing like, an NFL DL prospect. Maybe high of 2nd round or low of 4th or 5th round.

McClellion would by the one that I would think would.

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