Kids stepping up

This is no doubt the strangest season we’ve ever experienced. Covid quarantines and injures have allowed folks to step into big roles in the first 3 games. Some have come from nowhere to play and execute well. Here are some that come to my mind.

D. Warren
T. Clary
D. Wagner
Z. Williams
K. Johnson
J. Foucha
L. Bishop

Who am I missing? In he past 3 years we’ve not seen folks stepping up like this when called on to perform. Coaching makes a difference.

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I have been amazed at how well these guys have played. The coaches made a point to develop “everybody” and it shows. Forgot his name, but the Dback from Dallas was what, 4th team. He has done a very good job. Noticed several times Sat.

This is sort of the unseen part of coaching that pays in a big way. far more to it than just Xs and Os.


They are stepping up and this only helps with recuting because you can show that you will play at Arkansas

The other thing I love is how much experence and depth this team is building for the future

We’ve talked about him a good bit on this board, but I still can’t get over Jonathan Marshall. He has played against some very good centers this season and seems dominate at times. What a difference it makes having an All SEC caliber player at defensive tackle. It’s been a long time.

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