kids are confused

this late in the season, and new starting lineups, rotations, its no wonder the kids are confused.

to me, no one knows their role. one week thomas starts, next week its cook. now looks like bailey is the only one not in the dog house. macon starts most of the year, comes off bench last night. moses just does what he wants. even though he had a couple of steals on his switches last night, he left the defense scrambling to cover for having a guard guarding their big man inside. but this has gone on all through andersons tenure. at least last night in the second half when he got the ball somewhat inside, he made a quick pass and we got some open looks. nice halftime adjustment by the coaches btw. but this team has no inside scoring threat. therefore the other team can force us outside closely guarded, consequently we have to make a one on one move to try to get a shot up. can’t pound the ball inside when your center is playing outside. early in the year, we get behind, and the kids fought back and won. now there seems to be confusion, selfishness, indecision. we have no point guard at all. beard isn’t the answer. plays a good game then 4 bad ones. barford was supposed to be the man at point, but for whatever reason it hasn’t worked out. no-one on the team directs anything. no leadership. minutes up, minutes down.
kids are confused i think. so are the fans and supporters.

Who’s the point for Kentucky? Who’s the point for Virginia? Who’s the point for Florida? Duke? You aren’t watching basketball of other teams. Point is nto the problem. I will agree that no one knows there roles. I think he expects players to make plays. They need to play instinctively. They can’t rely on their coach every offensive play. Now if the coach has screwed with the lineups and confused them then you are right, that is on him. But barford and Macon need to step up and take control. Dusty doesn’t have any problem with his role. Moses is so out of position all the time, I just can’t even watch him. But Macon and barford should know their roles and be leaders. They aren’t and that’s the problem. Barford should have taken over down the stretch and he didn’t. Macon seems to have forgotten he has a jumper. I haven’t seen it in 5 games. Was he pouting last night? I don’t know. But if he wants to continue to lose games he shouldn’t change a thing. I’m not saying mike is innocent. He needs to tell players to make plays. But my gosh Macon and Barford were horrible last night. That isn’t on mike.

Don’t know his name but Kentucky has a great point guard. He might be more valuable than monk to them.

De’Aaron Fox. Lottery pick and definitely their most important player.

Are you talking to yourself? Because this is a bizarre statement.

Then may I ask, why is our coach recruiting one?

Haven’t watched Duke, but UK (Fox), UVA (Perrantes) and Florida (Hill and Chiozza) have TERRIFIC PG play. We truly don’t have one.

I didn’t think we would miss Durham, but we do.

KY - Fox
VA - Perrantes
FL - Hill
Duke - Actually Allen (and he’s putting up similar numbers to the rest)

Everything is on Mike - he gets paid the big bucks for it to be on him. You say Barford and Macon were horrible…who recruited them? Who’s responsible for ensuring they know their role in the system and challenging them to be at their best?

For people that always seem to minimize the impact of a coach surprised you don’t advocate firing Mike and hiring some D2 coach for a third of the money. I mean why not if success or lack thereof falls on the shoulders of players and coaching has little to no impact?

I agree with you in the sense that we don’t need a set the table and hold up a finger and then run a play type of pg, or a pass first pass only type of point guard. We thrive with multiple combo guards that multi dimensional and an offensive threat and can take care of the ball and share the ball and play defense.

But as others have pointed out, and convinced me, we have a big problem right now due to having 4 guards that are all very one dimensional in the same way. It happens to be they are comfortable playing a shooting guard role. Beard, Barford, Macon and Hannah’s want to shoot, want to score, they want the ball, and they mainly want to create shots off the dribble. We don’t have a long wing player that can use some size catch and shoot over people or post up. We don’t have a guard that loves getting assists. We don’t have a physical forward. Ect ect. So I do t know if our players don’t know their roles, or if they don’t like the roles they have been give. They are all playing the exact same way, and the end result is selfish basketball. 5 shooting guard will lose to a balanced team every time.

Every statement he makes is bizarre. He’s been doing it for years.


I was speaking with a “person in the know” about the fact that I sometimes am confused by CMA’s “substitution pattern”.
He said that CMA looks at the bench and if someone is making eye contact with him and looks “engaged”, he goes into the game. It’s all “gut reaction” with no real strategy…

No one has been substituted when the game first starts. Kids are confused because, except for Dusty, they have low basketball IQ. Slow the game down and wear them out. Get in an uptempo game and lose. Make the Hog think and you beat them. I am talking about intellect. These are probably good to great college students. I am talking about thinking the game of basketball. It is a trait that must be developed by the individual. It comes from studying the game. Heck, Ronnie Brewer Jr has it. (It being high basketball IQ) Just to name a local player.

Do you and Randy watch those games. I mean truly watch those teams as much as Arkansas. I do. And while those players are listed as their PG’s they don’t run the offense. They play the 2 as much as the 1.

these two from LR & Memphis recruited out from under our noses…makes me sick!

Which one was from LR?

Yes I have watched Florida, UVA and UK play more than a handful of times (Florida and UK more than UVA). It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to see these guys make plays at the point. Hill and Chiozza were erratic some in the past, but have really played well this year. Fox is a lottery pick.

Complete B.S.

Well PG not the first time that has been said. When the ball moves on offense and players move on offense with Kingsley down low we have a chance. That just don’t happen. I hope they find a way to play together.