Giving Alabama the ball on their own 35 is preferable to risking a momentum changing kickoff return for a td. Bama does this with alarming regularity, especially against the Hogs. Until the Hogs can recruit a consistent kick off man this strategy should be employed.

that’s absolutely, positively ridiculous… you can’t shorten the field against Bama…you gotta make them go the full length of the field…kickoffs deep into the endzone are needed making them start at the 25.

our KO’s and coverage team are weak links in the chain. Bama is very, very superior in ST analysis to us esp our KO team.
We seem to have put good talent on the field to cover, but they don’t get deep and don’t keep all the alleys covered and Bama could take big advantage of that. IF it could happen then kicking to start Bama at the 25 would be the preference for fans and coaches. We don’t have that guy and have not for while. Hedlund was a prized recruit, and is kicking off a tee on KO which takes away the excuse given for his change in success for FG from high school to college. Definitely a mystery to me. Everyone feels vulnerable when we KO.

Kickoff returns are a weak point for Alabama. They have not returned KOs very well. That could be in part because their opponents haven’t kicked off very often. They average 22 yards a return, which is not good at all (but better than our 17.2 average; as I’ve noted, our KOR team doesn’t open any holes most of the time).

What I’ve noticed about our kickoff coverage team is that if we cover well, we often make the tackle around the 20, which is better than a touchback. If we don’t…

Now Bama is extremely dangerous in punt returns, but our punt team is a strength. Toby Baker actually has a higher gross and net average than their JK Scott. But if you miss a tackle on their PRs, they absolutely can go to the house.

That’s a great idea. Now, who you gonna get to do that?