Kickoff times vs. Rice + Georgia Southern

Also, a look at the early season television schedule:

1 pm on September 4 will be slightly warm…

Ok, you or Matt need to ask HY who set the kickoff time for Rice. I thought the idea behind having a game steamed, that we would be able to set the kickoff time to something we preferred, like 7pm.

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It could still be pretty hot on September 18th at 3:00, too.

On the other hand it might be 33 degrees and sleeting for the Missouri kickoff the day after Thanksgiving.

Ask about this??

ESPN+ will have the right to stream one nonconference football game and two nonconference men’s basketball games per SEC school each season. All told, ESPN+ will carry up to 14 nonconference football games and up to 20 nonconference men’s basketball games annually.

Sankey said schools will be allowed to set kickoff times for games shown exclusively on ESPN+.

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If Arkansas could set the time for the streaming game and picked 1:00 PM then somebody needs to ask Hunter why that slot was picked. Yeesh

I like day games, but I sit in air conditioning. But you sure would think the only way you pick a day game in that part of year is someone made you do it. Crazy.

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