surely we have some kickers we are inviting as walk-ons for next year. both field goal and punting is atrocious. we desperately need both positions…

who are some of the names we are looking at? and their stats?

you never know how important special teams are until you don’t have special teams which we don’t.

can burks with warren seriously punt? that would be a weapon back there and one great free safety on the back end of our punt team.

Tulsa Union’s Noah Rauschenberg (6-2, 190) Tulsa, Okla., Holland Hall’s Alex Felkins (6-4, 170) and Fayetteville, Ga. Starrs Mills’ Michael Lantz (5-11, 160)

Rauschenberg: … s-interes/ … sas-visit/

Lantz: … ists-camp/

Felkins is committed to Columbia: … f001b.html … ists-camp/

As for Burks, I am not sure how consistent he is back there, but he does look good punting in high school.

But I think you look for somebody who concentrates on it full time.

I don’t think you want what should be one of your top WRs - if not the top one - exposed while punting with the ability to get hurt.

Rauschenberg is 3 for 4 on FGs this year with a long of 46

Lantz is 3 of 6 FGs this season with a long of 49 and 10 of 10 on PATs.

He also 17 touch backs on 21 kickoffs and is averaging 38.1 yards per punt with a long of 52 and 3 dropped inside the 20.

Thx Dudley. After reading all the attached articles sounds like both are looking for a scholarship offer. Are we willing to accommodate?

All kickers are looking for offers, not many get them.

I would say that Arkansas has to be really considering it at this point.

One may come available by the end of the season if things don’t improve.

I remember Baylor’s 250 pound All American tight end blasting Steve Little on a kick-off just as he followed through on his kick. Baylor got penalized 5 yards for offsides on the kick. Steve’s sub re-kicked and Baylor started their drive on their 20 and we went without Steve Little for the rest of that game. Grant Teaff didn’t have to worry about us kicking a field goal late to beat him that year. Can you imagine some huge third string linebacker blasting our best wide receiver as he punted and followed through with his leg extended? Would probably get kicked out of the game today but that might be worth the price to some team someday.

can you imagine TBurks covering punts that he’s kicking? that dude can lay a lick!


Comment reminds me of what might have been if DMac had played safety instead of RB.

Not complaining with where he ended up, obviously. But I’m convinced he could have been an all-pro safety. Quite possibly, a Hall-of-Famer.

I got the NFL Sunday ticket the year he and Felix graduated just so I could watch DMac’s Oakland games every week (I live in DFW, so would already be seeing Felix’s games). Watching those sorry Oakland teams, I saw a lot of interceptions their revolving door QB’s served up, and it actually turned out to be one of my favorite things, because quite often the tackles on the returns would be made by Darren. Frequently, he’d some in a straight-line, at blazing speed - kind of like the proverbial “heat seeking missile” and blow up the interceptor. His closing speed was breath-taking, and his hits were equally bone-jarring.

Cole Hedlund was 14-of-24 on field goals at Arkansas.

He goes to North Texas, is tutored by former Razorback GA Marty Biagi and is 10-of-10 on field goals this season and 21-of-22 on PATs.

During Coach B’s kicking camp in the summer of 2013, Hedlund and a young man named Rafael Gaglianone (5-11, 240) were the best two.

Arkansas chose to offer Hedlund - who was the natiion’s top-ranked kicker - while Gaglianone walked on at Wisconsin, won the job as a true freshman and took it from a junior starter.

Gaglianone, who was born in Brazil and went to high school as a exchange student in Chattanooga, Tenn., is now a senior and 63-of-79 on field goals and made 185 PATs.

That includes a redshirt year when he was hurt.

Exhibit number 14 for the case against the prior coaching staff, Your Honor.

Anybody know where Catholic High’s Kicker from last year (graduated 2018) ended up? He could boom it.