How did the field goal kickers look?

That’s my biggest concern. I believe in coach B when it comes to building lineman and running backs. Our kicking game has been awful since Cole has taking over and not bashing the kid. It can be the difference in a win or loss in a close game, as we saw last season. 4 blocked kicks just won’t cut it. I know there will be a game this season where he will be counted on winning it for us. Is he ready… Guess we will see.

Cole missed a 35-yarder from the right hash during red-zone work today. Hit it off the right upright. That’s the toughest angle for a right-footed kicker, but Bielema said he was disappointed. I can’t recall if he attempted any other FGs, but I’m pretty sure he was perfect on PATs.

The kicking game was our Achilles heel last year. We have got to get it fixed.

Hedlund didn’t try any other field goals. Adam McFain made a 30-yarder from between the hashmarks. No one else tried one. Both were good on 2 PATs.

I thought Connor Limpert looked best on kickoffs. He put a couple into the end zone, including one about yards deep.

Curious as to why the kicker is bashed for 4 kicks being blocked when 3/4 were clearly protection breakdowns or complete busts? It’s like blaming the QB for getting sacked even though the Defense is reaching his drop point at the same time he is.

On the kickoffs, Adam McFain and Connor Limpert were about even as the competition concluded. McFain hit two that bounced out of bounds near the 5-yard line. Limpert’s first landed at about the 5-yard line in the middle. At that point, the kickers were challenged by the specialists coach who charts them, Tanner Burns. Both then began to explode into the ball. Limpert’s next one went 3 yards deep. McFain then hit one 6 yards deep. Limpert then hit one 9 yard deep, McFain matched it. The last four from each were into the back of the end zone. This was the first day they kicked in front of the coaches in what was deemed a live competition in front of the team. This will be an interesting competition over the next two weeks. Both have good legs. Limpert is a real challenge for McFain in this department.

Hedlund has outkicked both McFain and Limpert in the early part of camp. But this will be a battle to figure out who is the placekicker. Hedlund best nail his kicks in the live work in front of the team. Until yesterday, he had done that. But Bret Bielema won’t want to see any more bounce off the uprights.