Bret Bielema said today that Arkansas will not decide on its starting kicker until the pregame Saturday. The coaches will evaluate how the kickers perform in the stadium that morning.

I would expect BB to have a rather short leash. Whoever wins that morning’s competition may still be out of a job by halftime if he doinks another chip shot.

Sorry but the decision should have been made. period. The rope is breaking… as for donors and fans…

I sure hope we don’t have to settle for chip shots. Get that dadgum ball in the end zone when you’re in the red zone!

I can understand why that decision has not been made. Two new kickers unused to the spotlight, and on top of that, they are kicking in the luxurious Jerry’s World. See who has the most pregame jitters. Apparently, they are leaning toward McFain (listed atop depth chart).

McFain graduated last year. I think you mean Limpert. :smiley:

Picking a field goal kicker before a game is not a new idea; I’ve heard about it happening multiple times before. It reminds me of baseball coaches who set their lineups after watching BP and infield. You can tell a lot about how a player is going to perform by pregame warmups.

Duh, yes, temporary (not-so-temporary) old-age moment.

Yeah, this is nothing new. In fact, I’d bet a large sum Coach B knows who he’s going with right now. Now, if that kicker misses all his pregame kicks coach B might actually make a game time decision. But he knows.

It’s a good idea though because some kickers wilt under pressure. I think we’ve seen that.

last week it was one kicker inside 47 yards and the other outside. outsider went 1/3 and insider 1/2. UT fans not happy either. Ranking coaches by wishy washy and hotseats seems to be correlated.