I have adamantly supported BB. Attend EVERY home game and most of the away games. Thought BB had some class. I stand corrected. When he threw OUR kicker under the bus in the post game press conference, I recognized only class BB has is LOW. BB is making 4 or so Million dollars a year?, man up big boy… you put the kicker on the field so face the music with some backbone. SPINELESS. REALLY? NOT ONLY HAS HE LOST A TON OF SUPPORTERS SUCH AS MYSELF, HE MAY LOSE THIS TEAM BECAUSE HE SERVED UP A PLAYER AND DID NOT HAVE HIS PLAYERS BACK. THE PLAYERS KNOW, TRUST ME THEY KNOW. A PLAYER LIVES IN THIS HOUSE. IF BB LOSES THIS TEAM, JL WILL NOT HAVE A CHOICE AND TRUST ME, THE MONEY IS THERE. How about the FACT we still cannot do what BB built his reputation on…run the ball in the trenches. Might not need the kicker so often. INTERESTING WHO THINGS SPIN BACK AT YOU IN LIFE! 1st and goal from the 4!! AGAIN…REALLY? DID NOT FIX that issue. BB and his staff cannot recruit. Plain and Simple. Largest Problem in AVERAGE college teams…NOT ENOUGH TALENT.
And let’s pretend I am wrong and we have enough talent to reach the middle of the SECW, then we cannot coach. MIDDLE OF THE PACK MEANS YOU GO 4-4 IN CONFERENCE, THINK WE CAN GET THERE? WHO WILL WE BEAT? I have one toe hanging on the bandwagon. Texas A and M is very beatable. Reality is here and now unless JL is going to accept mediocrity. SHOW ME A GOOD LOOSER AND I WILL SHOW YOU SOMEONE WHO HAS LOST A WHOLE LOT. JL, IF WE ARE GOING TO BE FORCED TO ACCEPT MEDIOCRITY, GIMME A MEDIOCRE PRICE FOR MY TICKETS. TOO BAD THE MEDIA IS AFRAID TO CALL IT LIKE IT IS, BECAUSE JL WILL RESTRICT THEIR ACCESS. If this was happening in say Illinois, the Chicago media would be lighting him up like the fourth of July. The time is hear to evaluate from top to bottom. Good luck to our guys the rest of the year and I will be in my seats supporting the players. I am a loyal hog fan. Careful if you are telling the fans not to care because we are listening closely. VERY.

I enjoyed your random use of the shift key.


Well thanks. Just frustrated big time.

There’s a lot to agree with in this post. Interesting question I have for you. You said, “A PLAYER LIVES IN THIS HOUSE.” Do you mean a player currently on the team? And if so, do you think he is talented? Not trying to rile you; a serious question.

Post more!

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