Kicker Bashing

Coach B went after the kicker but not the QB? Our awful QB play contributed more to that thrashing than the kicking woes. If this team and program is going to have a chance to be successful, everyone must be held accountable. I lost alot of respect for our coach calling out the kicker and not the many different areas of the game that our team was so woeful at.

Agreed. The blame is going on the receivers, when if you rewatch the game, they found holes and there were many missed opportunities to throw the ball. AA is locking in his target and holding the ball too long. I’m very disappointed in his play, looks like he picked up where he left off in the 2nd half of the last two games, last season.

Not to mention, there were some really bad throws last night, short, low, or one that was just completely off I still don’t know who he was throwing to one time. His arm doesn’t look like it’s there right now.

He also did point out that Austin could have played better. Missed some throws. I think he was disappointed in more than the kicker. It’s on the coach to get a kicker on the field who can hit those chip shots. And, he’s in charge of all the rest, too.

To say AA could have played better is the biggest understatement his tenure at UA. He starred down and locked in on one receiver all day. Last year I thought he was solid but he is going backwards. He hold the ball too long waiting on one receiver. If AA doesnt start to play better, will our staff continue to remain loyal to him and not consider the rest of the team.

Given the psychology, I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to call out a kicker unless deliberate sabotage is involved. It’s not like the kicker misses on purpose.

Yeah, when he missed those two kicks, I thought of Kendall Trainor (was that his name, the kicker we had when we lost o Miami by two). I remember he missed two FG’s and the coach told him if he missed again he was off the team. I do believe he became an AA that year. However, I do not recall Hatfield calling him out at the press conference and blaming him for the horrible play and coaching that occurred. Even if he had hit those two FG’s we would have still lost, our offense killed our D, and the D would have still gave up those last two TD’s.

Field-Goals from 23 & 20 should be automatic. He hits them well in practice and has failed under pressure. No blame, but someone else should do it.

I don’t like coach calling out the kicker like that.

Everyone knows he missed those six points.

If he played on O or D line or missed throws or catches on O or didn’t tackle on D, then call him out.

Classless for coach to seemingly call out that kid and single out something so obvious but one twentieth of where blame should go.

Classless call out by coach imo.

Yet at the same time, fans were doing the same thing and thinking that was okay.

In fact, people were coming after him after the game while he was still on the field and then on social media.

One even told him he should kill himself.

Pathetic and symbolic of what it is suddenly okay to do in our society.

He is a great kid, but not a great kicker even though every one was happy back then to be getting the “best” kicker in the country.

Ironically, the staff’s second choice that year ended up at Wisconsin.

I actually talked to him at Arkansas’ kicking camp - where almost all of the nation’s best lockers show up each summer - and thought he was going to be the one getting the offer after the camp. … 3edcc.html

I was ecstatic signing Cole Hedlund

Then I got told he couldn’t kick off a tee and wondered who ranked this kid as the best kicker and why our staff didn’t realize he had to have a tee

Did CH come in for a kicking camp or did we see him kick without a tee?

Cole kicked off a tee in high school, but kicked without it outside of practice and during the summer to get ready for college.

Yes, he came to camp and they saw him with and without a tee so your source on that is wrong and probably just looking for a reason.

Every kicker in high school uses a tee. They would be cheating their high school team if they didn.t

But kicking gurus Jamie Kohl and Chris Sailer make a point of stressing to them to work without it in their spare time.

Didn’t care how someone in the media called him out on Twitter too.

I think the vast majority of people knew after he missed the second FG he was done kicking at Arkansas.

I was asking. I don’t have a source. Even more concerning that we saw him kick without a tee and still offered

I was asking. I don’t have a source. Even more concerning that we saw him kick without a tee and still offered[/quot

Cole does well in practice settings but obviously struggles in games. He had a very good career in HS and performed well at camp and in practices in Fayetteville. Those are the two main sources of evaluation.

You wrote:

Then I got told he couldn’t kick off a tee and wondered who ranked this kid as the best kicker and why our staff didn’t realize he had to have a tee

• • •

While there is plenty to criticize this staff about, offering Cole Hedlund is not one of them my opinion.

Certainly can criticize the staff for his development since he got here, but not offering him.

He chose Arkansas over an offer from Texas A&M early and would have had numerous other offers.

Cole and Rafael were the best two kickers at the camp that day.

They both kicked with the tee and without - both looked great.

He was rated as the nation’s best kicker, won numerous kicking competitions, was selected as the first-team Parade and USA Today kicker.

He led the country in scoring as a senior with 168 points.

He made 157 straight PATs. He was 24-of-30 on field goals as a senior with a long of 57.

The nation’s national field goal leader for a single season with 25.

I was told on the old HI board, by you guys, that CH got to campus and it was found that he couldn’t kick without a tee (or struggles to kick without a tee), thus others were getting the starting job

Regardless it’s not going to be a problem anymore and clearly he wasn’t the reason we lost yesterday

Hedlund’s high school stats while using a tee is like trying to say because someone is a good slow pitch softball player he can also mash SEC pitching

Kicking with and without a tee are like apples and oranges, or at least it seems like it in this case

And let me add, I’m completely in favor of offering kickers and punters scholarships

At UA we aren’t going to have the best O or best D in the conference, but if we emphasis the kicking game I’m see no reason we can’t be the best in special teams

Just so happens we offered the wrong kid

They kick without a tee at kicking camp. There is no use seeing them kick on a tee at any camp and none do that.

Maybe this is semantics.

I believe it was Coach B who said after Hedlund arrived that leg wasn’t strong enough and he was having trouble making the adjustment off the tee.

My point remains - he has not turned out to be a great kicker, but to say they shouldn’t have offered him is revisionist history.

That’s like saying they should not have offered 5-star Arkansas prep cornerback Darius Winston.

He turned out to not be great, but they were right to offer him.

Again, you can criticize them in hindsight, but to say they made a point “offering” him is something I believe to be wrong.