Khalil Hunter the next Kiero Small? … -fullback/

Some big blocks in that highlight video.

Is there a need to add a fullback to the 2017 class? We had two underclassmen do reasonably well there last year. Departures or position changes imminent?

Hayden Johnson will be getting a look at TE so he could move there. Plus you’re planning out two years from now.

RD, why do our coaches insist on so many player switching to TE.

I feel that we almost have too many TEs right now.

Would love to see Jamarion bell, maybe another go back on the defensive side.

Watched Jamarion in high school and he’s an elite athlete with great size that should be utilized any way possible. DE/OLB in the 3-4 would be a nice fit for his talent.

Not sure they’ve moved so many to TE.

Arkansas likes to use two-three TEs at a time so you need some depth there.

I was trying to think of kids they had moved to tight end from another position and came up with A.J. Derby, Jamario Bell and Anthony Antwine.

Current TEs - Jack Kraus, Austin Canrtrell, Cheyenne O’Grady, Grayson Gunter, Will Gragg, Anthony Antoine with Jeremy Patton on the way

Those are the ones I’m referencing.

I mean it works and understand it.

But at the same time, it often seems like we have plenty of TEs and a guy like Jamario would be useful at his original position. Has great size.

But hey, we do produce some amazing TEs so I won’t question how they operate that for sure. They know good talent for the position when they see it.

Does seem like many of these guys won’t get PT in their time here maybhave to transfer, due to the depth.

Will know after the spring on some of the guys and their ability to see the field.