Khalil Garland

I saw Khalil at the Open Run Showcase at HoopLife outside of LR today.

He said he’s about to move back to Fayetteville to work for JB Hunt. He was always so impressive during the recruiting process. I remember telling him he was a future leader in the making.


That situation was tragic. I am really pulling for Khalil.


It’s a great shame that he never got to play in a Razorback uniform.

I’ve often wondered, though, if Mike Anderson would still be our coach if Khalil had played. Would his talent have pushed us to enough success that he would still be here?

This isn’t meant to bash Anderson. But I think we all like where we are right now with Muss.


Not to bash but Mike Anderson does not compare to Eric Musselman, and he would have been gone regardless

I wonder if Nolan hadn’t been Nolan would Nolan still be Nolan.

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Me too, many times

Khalil was never going to play at the UA. Sad that some gave out false hope but it just wan’t meant to be.

I see a strong “No” has already been posted, but I’m not so sure about that.

Khalil was rated just as high, if not higher than Gafford coming out of high school. His game was smooth and highlight tape was ridiculous with Team Penny. There was also the combine video when he schooled a young Moses Moody. He would have been a great inside out package with Gafford and probably getting paid to play right now.

Arkansas Commit Khalil Garland Official Junior Mixtape | Top 50 in the Country - YouTube

When I say this, it’s obviously not because of his skills.

Still makes me sad, and just goes to show that life is incredibly unfair at times. I will always pull for Khalil.

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