Khalil Garland

Khalil was in street clothes on the bench. I don’t remember seeing him in street clothes before. Wonder if that means anything. Perhaps I don’t remember correctly.

That’s a question for Dudley and Richard.
The last game i thought he was in uniform.

Yes, it is probably a question for Dudley, Richard and Scottie too. Should be a question asked in the Monday afternoon presser.

He has not been in uniform all year. I wasn’t at the game, so I can’t tell you if he was wearing the same thing he usually does.

Also, I can’t substantiate this, but someone said that CMA said at the TipOff club Friday that Garland will not play this year. That’s not surprising, but I have not seen or heard CMA say anything that specifically.

I really respect Mike and the U of A for not pushing for a medical scholarship. Hope is very important to Khalil and if he wants to keep his basketball scholarship through his senior year I’m just fine with that. Until a Doctor tells him he will never play basketball AND, Khalil accepts that, he should remain on basketball scholarship.

Khalil has not been in uniform for any game this season. He’s usually in sweats or jeans and a team hoodie/polo shirt.

I’ve never seen him in a uniform.

I really, really doubt that he will play here if the issue is not taken care of by the end of the season.

Coach Anderson is a good man, but at some time you just have to move on.

Not trying to be mean, but it is what it is.

I agree.

Thanks. It is the team hoodie that I remember now. Last night he did not have that on.

Sad for everyone involved if it closes like this…

But, alas, the right thing to do for the young men’s health.

That’s is in a nutshell Dudley. Garland has his whole life in front of him. While I hope the young man can get cleared to played there’s no way I want to see any young man or young lady risk their life in any type af athletic competition.