Khalil Garland

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Has to do with his heart. I think it may work out eventually, but there’s no guarantee this is resolved quickly.

Think he gets cleared before the season starts?

I just hope he’s going to be OK. This is kind of scary and has implications far beyond his basketball career.

I think there have been some signs of improvement, but obviously not enough for him to be cleared. From what I understand, they’re trying a number of different solutions simultaneously hoping they can resolve the issue over time. I don’t think they have a specific timetable, because it’s just based on how his body reacts to what they’re doing.

So basically, I don’t think anyone knows when he will be back. It wouldn’t surprise me if he misses some time.

Basketball is not the most important issue here! I hope the young man gets cleared for him to play ball but mostly will pray for his health!
There’s life after basketball.