Khalil Garland

Khalil asked for prayers on his twitter account as he is headed to New Jersey. I assume for running medical tests.

Thank you for posting. Prayers for the young man, and good decisions.

May the good lord bless him

I will say a prayer for him, as will many others.

I so hope this works out for him. So easy for people not emotionally involved to say “he should never play again.” I just hope that he gets great, rational, thorough, accurate advice … not too aggressive, but also not too conservative. And, of course, would love to see him in a Razorback uniform next year.

Not a question for or against this young man playing again nor a question about his parents’ ability to pay, but a question concerning all athletes in the NCAA: Who pays for these doctor bills? I understand a certain amount is absorbed by insurance and the university, but what about the specialists? If a player has, say (and I’m certainly not saying this is true in Khalil’s case because I definitely don’t know), five opinions concerning his health, can he get six, 12, 20 if he so desires, whether the school deems it appropriate or not? I know athletes have access to the world renowned Dr. Andrews in certain cases. Just a question.
As for Khalil, I hope he gets the best diagnosis for a long future. Prayers are with him.

The NCAA requires that all athletes competing at the D-I level (and probably other levels as well) have some kind of medical insurance, but not anything that must be covered. Many schools provide it, but what is covered under those policies likely varies from school to school.

Yes, I knew they had to have insurance, but I wasn’t sure if that coverage was limited, so thanks for the answer.

The athletes should be considered employees of the school with benefits like graduate students. That would get them full insurance, and they would be covered by workman’s comp in case of catastrophic injury. TCU basically did nothing for a RB that got paralyzed on the field after he left school.

Holy Father, you are the author and finisher of our faith, you know the ends to all of our beginnings. In the name of Jesus! and on behalf of this young man Khalil Garland and the Garland family we pray that you say yes to his test results allowing Mr Garland to move forward to wherever his desires and abilities takes him, also accepting its not our will, but thou will be done. Amen.

Isaiah 30:18 NIV
[18] Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!

Comments: well said, don’t get me going on this.Its so interesting for those unconcerned folks they just can’t see the forest for the trees. How this would benefit everyone the athletes on the field and the fans in the seats

Thanks, RWM, for the wonderful prayer for Garland.

Definitely prayers for Khalil and his family.

I have a question, not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but there are already rumors that are saying it was a NO. If that is indeed the case, is this the last test before he’s put on the medical scholarship or are they going to try for another year? Anyone know?

Amen! and according to thy faith be it unto thee
Mark 11:24

There is a lot of support for this young man and his family; justifiably so. We all hope that he is fine and well. This thread was started to ask for our prayers and support and it has been a while since there has been a status or update. Does anyone know how he is doing and what he has been doing?

Until we know more we will keep the pressure on the Big Man above…

He and his dad have had some interesting tweets. What that means, I have no idea, but several on both sides (career continues, career over) have said it supports their case. Waiting for someone actually “in the know” to comment.

Now, as I said on my original post, prayers for Khalil. His health is the most important thing right now.

I doubt that he will ever play; at least at the UofA. If it is a condition, an operation could fix, he would have had it. The UofA has competent doctors, so if he wants another opinion, his family or someone will pay for it.

I keep hearing the he won’t play “at least not at UofA” stuff. If he can’t play for UofA how could he play for someone else?

I wish this wasn’t true, but there are some coaches and schools out there that would risk his safety for a chance at a good record. Hopefully, he and his family realizes CMA and AR isn’t one of those schools and have his best interest at heart.

I seriously doubt that the Garlands will go against the conclusions reached by expert doctors and put Khalil’s life at risk. He has a whole life to live and not just 10 to 15 years of basketball. Keep in mind it is not the UA onsite doctor that will make the call on this, but it will be done by the famous and trusted medical clinic in New Jersey.