Khalil Garland workout

On twitter, there is a nice video of Garland’s workout this week in Little Rock. I could not post the link from my iPad. Hopefully someone can post the link.

He looks good. Fingers crossed.

What is the next step for Khalil? Any testing on the horizon?

Where was it posted I have seen videos of Ibby Ali in Little Rock not khalil

it was posted on twitter by Kevin McPherson, but it is also on YouTube.

look good, but it is not about how he looks.

Agree. Just good to see he still has some of the skills I saw at Parkview.

I know there is nothing official but you have to believe he has a heart condition that they think could pop under stress and kill him. If a Doctor would give him a “firm & clean bill of health”, he would already be playing. He can go out on his own and play as hard as he wants. If a Doctor, Coach, & University approve him doing it and then a tragedy happens, there is a huge legal, financial, and moral liability at stake. They all carry insurance against this type of lawsuit and their insurance carrier’s lawyers are the ones driving this ship, not the fans.

looked great all game then died suddenly, Preceednt set and who is willing to gamble that?