Khalil Garland to announce commit on Saturday...

At 5 p.m. … ce-sunday/

Do you know if he has taken any visits anywhere lately?

UALR makes me a little nervous. Hometown team and direct connection to his head coach. And he’s seen that you can have national success at UALR based on last year’s results.

With that said, I like our chances and he would be a huge pick-up. We would land the top 3 in-state guys from AR.

As noted in my story last week, he has been to see Arkansas, Alabama and obviously UALR.

He was supposed to go to LSU In June, but that didn’t work out so he was supposed to visit them in August along with Oregon.

We will see if that happens now.

Do you have a feel for how he’s leaning? Seems like Hogs have momentum.

In the article last week said his top 3 were Ark, LSU, and UALR? That was even after the Alabama visit. Does that still hold true and he just threw Alabama in there because he visited them (I know some kids just throw other teams name in there to make final list look a little longer) or did he re-think it and Alabama now in his top schools?

I doubt it’s Ark – missed out the first time why would we get him the second time around? Hope I am wrong…

I’m not too concerned about Khalil signing with LRU. I think he named the Trojans a finalist as a favor to the Flanigans. That’s good pub for the maroon, silver and black.

Hasn’t nothing to do with the present situation as Pastner had an in with the Lawsons and Team Penny.

The fact that Coach Tubby Smith did not hire Penny as an assistant has soured that a bit from what I am told.

Since the de-commit, Arkansas has gone in full boar and it has seemed to work.

I’m not saying he definitely will say Arkansas on Saturday, but it looks good from the people I talk to around him.

It is usually a good sign that when I call or text he gets back immediately

With what we have, now, and who we have signed/committed, if we get Khalil, I will be giddy and I don’t do giddy.

We might just be “back” if that happens.

I’m certainly hoping for the best here.

Nick Mason is saying his sources in Little Rock are saying Garland will commit to the hogs. He’s suppose to be getting on periscope tonight at 7:00 pm to discuss it.

As I was saying…

Dudley, can you compare him to madden? I’ve not seen garland live but it seems to me there are a lot of similarities after watching highlights


2017 class is looking great, and it’s only July! We have 1 spot left. I’m hoping for a shooter or another big man, we can go either way.

Dudley or Richard, is my math correct on the scholarships? Kingsley, Hannahs, Watkins are all graduating, that’s 3 scholarships. Then we had 1 we didn’t use this year, I’m assuming they will let Glasper use it for this year.