Khalil Garland Question

Most of us believe today is Khalil’s last game as a scholarship basketball player. Would Mike allow Khalil to walk on the floor for opening tip and immediately call a timeout so the young man can 1. Officially take the court as a Razorback and 2. Allow the fans celebrate the young man?

Or would that mess up his medical hardship?

Cool idea but not sure on the rules. If it’s ok then it would be great to see

I would love to see Garland walk out on the floor! He’s been a great teammate that’s never played always cheering and supporting his teammates. The young man came in with expectations to play and make an impact and it hasn’t worked out. I hope CMA finds a way to allow the young man to be in some support part of the team while he’s on campus!

Khalil’s Dad referees games at Penick Boys Club in Little Rock. He was the ref at my grandson’s game on Thursday evening. I talked to him about Khalil. The positive attitude and faith in God the Garland family has is amazing.

This is so sad. This kid was a Top 40 player, who would have made a huge impact on the program. I always thought the class of Gafford, Hall and Garland was one of the best at UA for upside potential.

I like the idea you propose.

We all feel a sense of loss at losing a great basketball player to medical issues. But the family and kid lost much more than us.

And the best news is that they found the medial issue and can deal with it moving forward. Thankfully they found it.

PJ I noticed you said “faith”. We all need to follow the example the Garland’s show!

I also thought that class would bring the hogs back. Garland never played, Hall transferred and Gafford may be gone at the end of the season.

Maybe Joe and Sills can carry the torch!
The talent has been in the state the past 5 years it’s a matter of landing the players.
Get some bigs and a couple of good wings that can shot off the dribble.