Khalil Garland explains why he couldn't play for the Hogs

Seems like a really nice kid who got a bad break, but has come through it with his head on straight. Wish him the best.

Khalil Speaks

I wish Khalil the very best. He deserves success. GHG!

It’s a 10 minute video, Dave. What does he say?

Excellent video. I wish him nothing but the best!

Fantastic video. :+1:

Hearing Khalil talk about his teammates and coaches support is really cool. And hearing Mason and Jalen talking about his character was heartwarming. With Mike and Muss as examples and mentors I’d say Khalil could end up coaching.

Whatever he does I wish him the very best. I’ll speculate he’ll do great. And most of all I’m glad they caught the heart issue before it caught him. My cousin fell over dead with a heart condition at 18 years of age. It can happen.

Great video, I hate that he did not get to pursue his dream, but pleased to see he has not stopped dreaming. I see a bright future ahead for him. Wishing him the best.

Great young man. So sad that he couldn’t live his dream. It’s sad for us fans as well. What might have been had Perry not been bought, Khalil never had this heart condition, and Darious Hall hadn’t completely lost his mind going to DePaul. At this point, I’ll be over the moon if Isaiah comes back. Next year could be really special for Razorback Basketball.

I figured it was a cardiomyopathy that caused him to sit. Hate it for the young man but sounds like he’s taking advantage of the education and mentoring of his coaches and friends. He’s well spoken and would make a good coach.

Question for a Dr. What kind of “Event” would the heart possibly experience that a patient could do all of the workouts but not “Contact”? Is it that the heart would be working and a hit or some other hard physical contact could cause a concussive effect to make it stop beating due to the lack of oxygen? Just wondering as he is not the only individual that I have heard this for but always wondered how they could work out as hard as they do but could not play. The other individual was a college soccer player and the same thing, they could do the workouts but not play.

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