Khalil Garland cleared?

That’s what Mason Jones tweeted earlier, but now it’s gone. Hmmm…

Man I wish that was true! Mason Jones wouldn’t do something like that as a prank.
That would be some good news.

No idea what’s going on.

I wouldn’t think anybody would play a cruel joke like that. Here’s the deleted tweet though.

Also heard one of his close friends tweeted it as well.

I’ve been praying for this young man for a long time. Not selfish reasons just for his health. He’s handled this like a grown man. Hope he gets the good news he wants and hope he kicks butt

Yeah, I just looked there are actually several fake Mason Jones accounts, however it was from his actual account. Khalil said something about needing to find a way to get cleared a few days ago. Maybe a misunderstanding or maybe good news that they’re holding onto right now.?

Also, Mason just tweeted everyone relax, I’m not going anywhere.

The tweet actually was from Mason’s real account, but I checked with a team spokesperson and he said there’s nothing to it.

Nothing to Mason to Memphis or Khalil getting cleared? Khalil tweeted chill, not cleared yet but it’s about to happen. Then he deleted it but it was real

There was a post that said Mason tweeting where he is transferring to during the season. It was a MasonJones13. That IS NOT Mason’s Twitter. On Mason’s official Twitter, he said, “Everyone relax, I’m not going anywhere.”

Right. I was asking Scotty what he confirmed. Khalil followed up with a tweet that said he wasn’t cleared yet but it was about to happen. Then he deleted it.

The above post was in reference to Mason tweeting that Khalil had been cleared since that’s what the thread is about. Below are the tweets I saw about this. If there are others I haven’t seen them.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.14.47 PM.png[/attachment]

My reply is about the highlighted portion. I didn’t see the Garland comment until I read this thread, I did see the Mason to Memphis tweet, it wasn’t Mason it was someone using Mason’s name and number as their twitter handle.

Gotcha. The Real Mason Jones tweeted that Khalil was cleared. Khalil replied with "Chill, not cleared yet but will be soon. I took a pic of it, it’s been deleted. Have no idea how to post pics on here from my phone but i’ll be glad to text it to you if you PM me your number

No need, I believe you, I was just commenting about the Mason to Memphis. I would love for Khalil to be cleared. However, that would confuse me on who we are supposedly recruiting.

i can see Ibby leaving, I can see Adrio leaving as well. With Gafford and Phillips that leaves us three to sign. If Reggie stays that leaves four schollies, one goes to Juice, that leaves two bigs and another wing Scorer.

I see what you’re saying. If Khalil get’s cleared, there’s gonna have to be one more shown the door other than Gafford, Phillips and Ibby if we are gonna sign four counting Juice.

If Khalil Garland is cleared to play it would be a blessing! Especially for the young man! I would love to see him play in the Razorback uniform. I just want him to be healthy and enjoy himself.
The numbers will work out like they always do! CMA has handled this medical situation with the Garland with class!

Absolutely agree with all of this. I want Khalil to be cleared badly but mostly because he wants it so badly. I know for a fact that Khalil’s dad has the utmost respect for Mike Anderson. We’ll see if this has any legs soon enough.

How sweet would it be to hear that KG get’s cleared tomorrow and plays on Saturday

If he is cleared and played it would be great but it would be up him if I was the coach. I would like him to have the eligibility to play 4 years not 3 years and a handful of games!

Kevin McPherson said he’s hearing now it’s only 2 transfer possibilities and 1 of of them is becoming more and more likely to stay. I’m assuming the 1 he’s talking about looking likely to stay in Chaney.

It’s amazing how just a couple days ago the rumor mills had CMA out the door and half the team transferring. Now, they are saying CMA is safe and we’ll only looking at 1 transfer.

But as you said, numbers will work themselves out regardless of who transfers. Honestly if everybody returns but Ibby, and Garland gets cleared, just us adding 2 more guys wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, may end up being best case scenario, that I didn’t even think was a possibility a few hours ago. Add Stith and Hamlett and call it a day.

  1. Harris, Hamlett, Hill
  2. Joe, Sills, Embery
  3. Jones, Garland
  4. Gabe, Stith, Bailey
  5. Chaney, Henderson

I doubt he’d play the season, he’s probably not even in basketball shape at all, you have to remember he hadn’t played full contact basketball 5 on 5 in nearly 2 years. Even when/if he comes back next year, it’s going to take some time for him to get his game back, that’s a long time to miss basketball.

I love your posts and what you bring but i give zero thought to what McPherson says. None.