Khalil & Darious

Would you classify them as Guard/Forward at 6’6 due to their ability to handle the ball as efficiently as a 6’0 Guard???

Mr. Garland is running the point in AAU

I would classify them as players. Ron Crawford sYs that Hall can guard the 1,2,3, and 4. Garland, as you noted, has a very good handle. These guys are probably wing players with Hall capable of going Inside if he has to, and Garland handling some point duties if needed.

Well, first, Garland didn’t handle the point in AAU; Alex Lomax was the starter and primary guy. Garland did at times.

As for their classification, I’d go Garland combo guard and Hall wing. When I saw Hall two summers ago, he handled really well for his size, but other attributes of his are more valuable, like his rebounding and effort.

I do think Garland can possibly turn into a PG in college.

I would say that Khalil right now is a 2-3 (in Arkansas’ system) with aspirations of becoming a 1- something Arkansas has said they will give him a shot to ascend into during his career.

I like Hall as a 3-4 - in part because I don’t think he is done growing yet and believe that Coach A will use him as the 4 at times.

Of course, Darious wants to round himself into a 2.

For comparisons to recent Razorbacks, Hall seems to be a pretty close comparison to Michael Qualls. Garland a better version of Ky Madden.

Yep. Those are good comparisons from what I’ve seen. I would say Hall’s handles are better than Qualls was at this point.

Appreciate the responses… Wouldn’t that be awesome if either had another growth spurt.

Comments- Garland played a lot of point in the summer AAU over on Memphis’s team Penny