Khalid Garland from uncle

His uncle gets his hair cut at same barbershop I do. He seems to think Khalil will be cleared in December. I hope this is true this will give the second unit a big body, who can get to the rim at will and finish. Adding him once he is in game shape will be huge. Basketball is back Go Hogs Go

That would be great for the young man, the team and all of the hog fans!

That would definitely be the best Hog outcome to ever result from one of your barbershop stories.

To add to this, he is on new medication and December is the first time they’ll test whether anything is changed with it. Have to give it time to take effect.


That would definitely be the best Hog outcome to ever result from one of your barbershop stories.
[/quote] :lol:

Now now. Everyone loves a good barbershop story. Especially one with this plot line. I see Dillibe 22 as a kind of Tyler Perry of the board.


I will remain hopeful and pray that the news in December is positive for Garland.

It is certainly the first opportunity to see if the medicine is working.

I wish him well, but the term cautiously optimistic applies here


Comments: some of you people have a morbid perspective, how do you get from this guy sharing a personal encounter with one of Garland’s family members, to bring in Tyler Perry. You know Tyler shares his personal story about how he went from rags to riches one of his lowest moments he was forced to sleep in his car. Usually when you sink that low you don’t pull yourself out

Got a little chip on your shoulder Mike? That’s OK. Your problem, not mine. Have a happy Thanksgiving anyway. I’ll take a barbershop story that ends with Khalil Garland being cleared to basketball any day. Don’t really care who tells it.


Oh good grief. You’re sermonizing bc eagle made a joke about the Madea Movies? Cmon man.

Don’t know the exact condition with Garland but this situation should make everyone continue to proceed with caution. … iver_index

Reply: if you call my comments a sermon that’s your perception or the likes of it. His comments did not identify any of Tyler’s works in the film industry so that on you. My favorite movie produced by Tyler is ; A Family That Preys Together.

Mike I share your admiration of Tyler Perry. I saw one of his productions in a neighborhood playhouse in Atlanta in the early 90’s before most people had a clue who he was. A multidimensional creative force of nature is what I would call him. But he also understands the value and significance of a good barbershop story. I love a good barbershop story myself. That is all I was getting at. No disrespect intended to anyone.