Khalen KK Robinson

Will visit tomorrow. He’ll arrive around 10 am.

This is a big, big visit in my opinion.

I agree

Agree - huge. Robinson, Moody, Moore, and Williams. The quadruplets (though 3 out of 4 would be great too)! Get that 2020 recruiting ball rolling. What a splash for CEM that would be.

I just wish it was an “official” visit. I hate to get excited until a recruit visits officially. Then you know they are serious.

He will be back on an official during the season. He won’t be alone!

It might be “big” because of the very reason your worried about.

Sorry. But we are not getting Moody, Moore, or Williams. KK I’m not sure about. Why would they come here? These kids are big time players with aspirations of playing in the NBA. Most of these kids are being told and may think thier one and done material. One and done players don’t come to Arkansas. They go to Blue Blood programs they have made it a policy of getting one and done players. Thanks not happening here.

I never thought we’d get Moody or Moore. Moore has interview’s all the way from back in the 8th grade indicating he was looking elsewhere. Moody has always said blue blood first (and supposedly he now has an offer from one). However, they may think they’re one and done, but I’m not sure they are.

When it comes to Williams, I thought he was a lock while CMA was HC, then I think his interest declined. Per some “insiders” on the other board(s), he was never coming here (he didn’t have interest with CMA as HC), all the coaching change did was get him to speak to AR. I’m actually curious about this particular “report.” Would like to here RD/Dudley’s take on it.

As for Robinson, I’m not sure. I thought he had interest and when he started blowing up (I thought he was like Portis and wanted to be a Hog), I really thought we’d land him. Now, I’m not sure either of the Bryant guys are looking at AR (I’m talking FB and BB).

Interested in seeing what happens between now and Nov

Jerry, I understand he may sign during the November signing period. We need him to visit before the season. Unless you have information that he won’t sign until Spring.

Having said this, based on what I am hearing, I am confident Musselman will get an official from KK.

PJ, I don’t want to jinx anything but my source says he’s a Hog lean and may come back officially after committing. This weekend is his personal time on the hill.

That would be great news

Great news.

Now that I have talked to several folks, I understand why you called this visit “big” and the reasons behind it. Good call.

Someone care to elaborate??

Has anyone confirmed he is on campus?

He’s about to wrap up his visit.

I recall one of the interviews of KK where he mentioned that he wanted to play the PG in college. I took that to mean that he would like to start at PG at least by his sophomore season. Does anyone have a good feel for how the rosters of his seven finalists stack up at the PG spot?

This is what I found PJ:

AR - Harris (RJR), Stevens (JR), Joe (SO) - 3
Kansas - Marcus Garret (JR), Devon Dotson (SO), Issac McBride (FR), Dejuan Harris (FR) - 4
Illinois - Andres Feliz (JUCO SR), Tyler Underwood (RSR), Da’Monte Williams (JR), Trent Frazier (JR), Ayo Dosonmu (SO) - 5
Iowa St - Prentice Nixon (RSR), Rasir Bolton (ERSO), Carter Booth (SO), Tyrese Halliburton (SO), Charles Jackson, III (FR), Caleb Grill (FR) - 6
TCU - Owen Asheires (JR), RJ Nembhard (RSO), Francisco Farabello (FR), PJ Fuller (FR), Quinton Uribe (FR) - 5
aTm - Mark French (SR), TJ Starks (JR), Cameron Alo (JR), Andre Gordon (FR), Cashius McNeily (FR) - 5
Vanderbilt - Saban Lee (JR), Maxwell Evans (JR), Isaiah Rice (JR), Scottie Pippen, JR (FR) - 4

I don’t know about the other schools, but in regards to us, Harris may graduate and go overseas, Stevens is a Walk-on, and Joe may get drafted. Looks like we may have the advantage (by the way, the list I saw has both Sills and Notae as SG’s).

Good research. Looking at the list, don’t have a good feel for who really are true PGs and where he feels legit competition is.

Don’t know if Kansas is a good spot for him since McBride just got there, although they are good friends and that is the only official he has scheduled.

The two schools that worry me most are A&M and Vandy. Vandy is showing up as finalist for a lot of top recruits. Matthew Murrell just put them in Top 5. KK brought up NBA after Arkansas and there is Jerry Stackhouse.