Khadim Sy?

Will he visit, still a chance?


Last I heard not making a decision until mid-May still has LSU & Arkansas to visit. Alteady has taken visits to Pitt, Eastern Carolina & Ole Miss.

I’ve got a call into his coach Brock Morris

I know you and Richard are doing your due dillegence. With that said anythingn new? This is the key to the late class IMO.

I’m going to keep bumping this every 2 days until we hear something.


That’s fine and we will keep trying to reach him

He just told me he’s not visiting this week. That’s the first time he’s responded. I asked him if he was coming at later date. We’ll see if he will answer.

I will check some other sources.

I’m not sure how to take that (good sign that he’s responding, or bad sign he’s not set up a visit or talking to you guys)

Doesn’t seem like someone overly interested in us.

Or maybe we moved onto someone else.

Hard to know.

Doesn’t sound like Sy made the LSU visit.