Khadim Sy to announce Monday from his Final 3

Pitt, Ole Miss and East Carolina. I believe East Carolina is the leader where his 2 former Va Tech teammates are. Also the assistant that recruited Sy to Va Tech is now at EC.

PJ, why you think LSU and Arkansas pulled back on Sy? Possible SEC requirements?

Did they pull back? I did not know that.

Concerns are what I heard.

Hopefully Richard or Dudley will tell us why we moved on. Wonder if LSU moved on also.

I’m hoping they’ll confirm also. I was told LSU cancelled his visit. I’d like confirmation.

Remember when y’all were bashing a certain coach for not recruiting him? Good times…

Who’s y’all?

Ole Miss is involved. That may explain why teams are backing off.

I can’t confirm or deny it yet, but I am sure I will have the opportunity this weekend to find out.

Well that stinks as he would have been a very welcome addition!