Keyshawn Embery

Did he get interviewed?

I was not back in time for the media day, but I am virtually certain that someone of our group talked to him.

I’m bumping this up for somebody else to answer.

It seems as though he’s the forgotten child among the freshmen guards I seen more than one article talking about Desi and Joe but Embery wasn’t even referenced in any…?

I think he was. In fact on rivals site I think they have a video interview w him and a lot of the players

I bounced around between a few guys yesterday - Joe, Sills, Chaney, Harris - for a couple of stories I’m working on over the next few weeks, and our video guy, Blake, did the same with other players. I walked toward Embery hoping to get a few minutes with him, but the coaches called him over to begin practice. It can be very difficult to get you guys quality interviews/stories from/on so many players when you’re only allowed 20 minutes with all of them.

He was interviewed. I won’t post the link but it is on YouTube.

Thanks for that insight I have better understanding now…I wasn’t aware that you guys were only allotted 20 mikes to interview. Thanks for replying