Keyshawn Embery-Simpson to Tulsa per...

his twitter.

He is from that area. Isn’t Chaney from Tulsa too. I expect him to leave since his father figure is fired,

I don’t think any Arkansas kids will transfer, Tbey are all Hogs.

Hate to see him leave, but it’s understandable.

Best wishes, and thanks for your contributions, KES.

I keep getting told that Reggie Chaney wasn’t going to leave and is not planning to now, obviously barring somebody being hired that he is now a fan of being the head coach.

It appears that was an overblown rumor because of his permanent scowl and perceived body language.

Short story, plus part of his farewell message: … stination/

Tulsa is apparently giving Frank Haith an extension and adding Rod Thompson to the coaching staff. He is the dad of 2020 stud Bryce Thompson, who is a former AAU teammate of KES. … 5640-a3b7-

Hate to see him go. He’s a glue guy to help next season.

The old add relative of a high prospect to the staff trick smh it worked for LSU to add Ben Simmons and for Missouri sad stuff the state of college basketball

He hasn’t done a thing at Tulsa but gets an extension. What a country!

What he’s done was possibly bought Bruce by signing his pops on as coach smh college basketball is wack and corrupt

Bryce is a very good player but he is not the player that saves anyones job or gets them an extension. His teammate and the BTW coach’s son is going to Tulsa. Rod is a great guy and could be a great recruiting add for Tulsa. He can talk the talk.