Keyshawn and Gabe!

What a difference they made in this game. Keyshawn with 16 points on just 9 shots while playing great defense. And Gabe with just 3 points, but 5 big assists, great defense and took a couple more charges. Both played their best games as a Razorback.

That’s what we need from the bench. They need to role their role and be the best at their role when they are in the game. Keyshawn was instant offense today.

Gabe needs to shoot the three more.

Just kidding,

I hope he does, not kidding.

Gabe took three charges.

Good one, Richard. Gabe needs to stick to what he can do…shooting the 3 is not one of them. He is scrappy and plays hard. He does not need to ever dribble the ball. He did tonight what he does best. Good for Gabe. Nice game, Gabe. I really mean that.

I’ve been hard on Gabe this season but tonight I’m eating crow! He played real well. Hopefully he can continue playing like he did tonight.
Emery Simpson showed some swag like he is fully capable of. He can shot the ball and play defense. He still needs some work bringing the ball up against the press.

He has hit them the last few games. Shoot till ya miss man.

I ain’t scared of him shooting, let’m fly big man. One or two a game is truly not a big deal. We need the ones you are gonna make. Adrio spanked his. It was big.


Work on D, rebounding and do any scoring around the paint.

Yes that one Adrio made was big. His defender just backed off and dared him. Swish, nothing but net.

He is doing that pretty well. He took three charges, got some boards, 5 assist, it was just one three. C’mon man! Nothing wrong with him taking and making one 3. :wink:

I like what he does, but stay away from the three.

4-17 from three.

FWIW, I liked the signing of Gabe

Gabe has a role to play and as of late he has been playing that role pretty good.
I think anybody that takes 3 hard charges in a game deserves at least one 3 pt attempt.
Gabe was 100% tonight from da 3.

Winning makes everything ok.

I agree with that, he has upside, 3 point shooting included.
We have played 21 games, he has taken 17 threes. I don’t get the hand wringing over it. If it gets better cool, if he takes one a game whatever, he is working on the other stuff too. I’d like him to work on the 4-17 myself and get that better as well.

I agree. I said a few weeks back before he started hitting them that he needed to continue to shoot. Him hitting them forces the PF to come out and guard him allowing Gafford 1 on 1 in the post. If they aren’t guarding you it means they are double teaming Dan. Hitting that shot makes them pay. (He’s also now 5-18. 3-4 in last three games,)

Another thing said in this thread I disagree with is Gabe “dribbling”. Kid is quicker than most fours, him being able to catch the ball at the top of the key and take his guy off the dribble is a plus. He’s had trouble finishing, but he’s getting better.

Kid has tremendous potential.

One of the reasons I fell in love with Hwagball is that Mike and Nolan don’t put any Jimmy Counces on the floor and they are always working on developing players in game situations. As they say, it is hard to develop sitting on the bench and hard to develop your shot if you don’t shoot.

My take has always been you have to take the wide open shot if you have shown you can make it in practice. Otherwise the team ends up taking a contested shot with the shot clock running down,

Since Gabe has been shooting those, I assume he has Mike’s blessing. Whenever Mike pulls him out, it is because of some silly turnovers, and not because he took an odd three pointer. That should tell us what is going on in practice.

I’ve actually thought of that, and couldn’t agree more. Kid has to be taking them in practice. I wish Chaney would start taking them as well (or at least working on them). I’ve seen both him and Dan catch the ball outside the arc and wait for a guard to come get the ball while their guy was far enough away they could get an uncontested shot, but my guess is they probably don’t practice the three very much.

Keyshawn was The Man in this game.