Keys to Victory - Or shopping Early

Clay has stated his keys to victory. I did not see a comment about how to contain the Tigers offense. Missouri has the top offense in the SEC. They are also #16 nationally in passing offense. Bama and Aubie are #2 and #3 in the SEC in offense; how’d we do against them?

The Hogs are last in the SEC in passing efficiency defense. Further, the Hogs have a proven 2017 record of being unable to put constant pressure on the opposing QB.

My view is Missou will have a big day offensively. I think the Hogs will have to score more than 42 to win this game. I’m not sure how the Hogs can do that with their top two RBs and OL on the bench.

In August I penciled this in as a sure Hog victory. I was wrong; there’s nothing sure about the Hogs this year, beside second half collapses. The Hogs have regressed since last year and I’m just not clear how that has happened. Now, I’m thinking if it’s still a game at the 5:00 minute mark in the third quarter I’ll be impressed. I’ll be watching…my goal is to last to the 5:00 minute mark in the 3rd quarter before I go shopping.

As a poster on this site used to say “Hope is not a Strategy”. I hope we can find an offensive line to run the ball at Mizzou and a defensive line to pressure Lock into interceptions and turnovers which he is prone to do at times. However, I have been hoping for both of those things since September and think it is getting too late for significant change at this point. The Hawgs had the best start last week end that a team in this position could hope for. Failing to get that again might be ugly early. I hope the team rises up and wins one for their Coach and themselves. Strategy says back that up with better line play.