Keys To Big Year for this Team...

Will be the maturation & continued development of Darius, C.J. & Adrio. These three guys have to be a threat when they hit the floor & not be a liability. C.J. needs to get stronger to handle tough defenders who will try to muscle him &make him uncomfortable, and a tighter handle to get into the lane &be more than a three point scorer, much like Dusty last year. The added strength also improves the flip side for him on D because he’s behind in this area.

Darius is athletic &a good defender, just needs a tighter handle to take SEC players off the dribble. And take the shot when he’s open. I think he was nervous yesterday.

Adrio can plug a lot of holes on D but MUST be a scoring threat, make those short jumpers with confidence. If he develops this part more, it’ll open up a lot of other options for other players on the floor.

If these three improve, we will all be smiling in a few months. We have known assets in these Seniors & Gafford. Just need a little help from the others.

Ok Dr. just got to ask-------Did you have fun?

You have this right. Based on what I have seen, I believe Adrio is closest to what you want out of those three. I think Adrio and Darios will be close to what you want out of them by the end of the year. It will take next postseason for CJ to improve his handle significantly, but I believe CJ will contribute more this year than Adrio and Darios.

Lab—heck yes, I enjoyed yesterday ALOT, and so did my family & boys. It was great to be back in the Bud & watching the Hoop Hogs!

One thing that will impact this team more than anything else foul trouble! We need to be able to play defense and not foul.

Good talent, coaching and team chemistry wins championships.

The Hogs have the talent and coaching. The team chemistry takes a while, but seems to be forming. That’s my plan.


Add competing on the road to the list.

It’s still up in the air if we can bring the fight on the road. Do this and we’ve got something dangerous!

I agree that this year’s team needs to prove it can win a true road game. But let’s not label the whole program as needing to prove it can win on the road. Arkansas has the second best record over the last 3 years in the SEC. I am hoping they can feed off that next week.

That first road game win will be huge for this team

Hope it is against Miss State as I don’t believe we will beat Auburn at Auburn

Also, I hope to see a little more of Cook in the game as I think he could be an important part of this teams success down the stretch

I think the Auburn game is a better matchup for the hogs than Moo U.
I do agree with you about Cook. He plays hard and knows his roll. At the same time we also need Thomas and Hall to perform as well. I’m hoping to CJ Jones come out and get it going with his shot. He really needs to hit a few and relax. Our bench will have to make an impact for us to win.