Key to the game is our O-line, TE, & Runners (KJ & Rocket) against ---------

---------- A&M’s defensive line, LBs, & Secondary. Will A&M have to bring up their secondary to stop the run, leaving our big and fast WRs one-on-one against their corners and nickelbacks? If so, KJ will hurt them for some big plays. KJ has been very accurate on his deep throws this year. Briles has hinted at the threat of using Hornsby as the pitch man in a wide option play. KJ can hand off to Rocket going the other way (TD play already this year), KJ can run it, KJ can throw in the RPO, he can pitch it to Hornsby to run wide, or Honsby can take the pitch and throw it too. That play has to create nightmares in the defensive coordinators minds scheming against the Hogs. You add to all of that wide and deep throwing threat to one side, the option to hand off to Rocket going the other way, that is huge. Even though Briles can over-scheme and over-trickerate sometimes, there is no doubt he is very ingenious!

All of the above and THIS. The over-scheming and trickeration gets us in 3rd and long too many times and kills the drive.

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I try to give Briles credit for using some of the Treylon sweep passes, etc. to set up other plays later. I have yet to see a “rushing to the line to quickly run a play” work yet in the Briles era. Maybe trickerations, even when they don’t work, can lead to other things working later. I hope all that is true.

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I expect TAM to sell out to stop the run…and if they do I think they will limit our run game. IF they don’t stop our run game, we will blow them out.

I expect TAM to throw plenty of deep balls to their fastest receiver(s).

Ark will need to throw it more this game, assuming TAM slows down our rush.

I think this game comes down to our scheme/approach success for the secondary to compensate for our inability to cover in man.

I think we will see the playbook opened up a bit this week. I like the idea of getting Hornsby more involved. What I do not want to see, is a non quarterback throwing the ball. That seldom works out well. Even with our secondary woes, I do not fear the A$M Offense. As long as we don’t give them a short field, they will struggle to put points on the board. When it comes to playing the Aggies, my biggest fear, is us doing stupid things. If I may paraphrase FDR. " The only thing we have to fear, is out aggieing the aggies"

As the line and ability for the QB to read post snap have both improved, there seem to be fewer trick plays. I saw none against Mo State. I think Kendal trusts his players more this season.

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A&M defense is very talented and good. They are quick and fast as well. We will score, but they will make us work for it. The hogs cannot make mistakes. A&M defense will make them pay for that.

The A&M offense has not been all that good so far, but they are also talented with plenty of speed. They will test The Hogs secondary for sure. Can the Hogs offense muster enough points to overcome what has been a poor defense. That will determine our fate.

A&M, thus far, hasn’t shown they have the ability to stop the run. They gave up 175 and 185 rushing yards to So Miss and Miami respectively. If they put 8-9 in the box, then maybe they can slow our rushing attack. But if they do that, we will have a field day throwing and scoring. KJ may throw for 500 yards and 5 TDs.

So far this season, our O-line appears to be capable of dominating their D-line if they play straight up. But, as you said, if they sell out to stop the run, they will limit our run game. But, because of KJ, our WRs, and Sanders in the passing attack, that may work out as a bigger advantage for us than if they play straight up and give us our 250 rushing yards.

Whatever they do defensively, as always, we just cannot have the TOs that surfaced in our last game if we expect to win this game. And defensively, we must tackle better than last game.


I tend to think the special teams will decide it. Both teams feature good return men. Gunners must play well for both teams. There is pressure on punters.

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A&M also hasn’t played a great offense yet. Miami’s offense isn’t very good. Then Sam Houston St and App St.

They haven’t seen an offense like ours yet this year. We can run on anybody this year.

Remember last year, A&M came in the game giving up less than 100 yards rushing per game and were Top 5 in the country against the run. We ran for 200 on them and had 450 yards total.

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Sam mentioned we had several sets with Hornsby in the game plan this week. We will just see how much is used. I would like to see him used several times each week because his kind of speed is rare and unless we give him the ball several times then his speed does us no good.

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Well, the top rated rushing defense we’ve seen is MOST’s at #68; that’s 68 in FCS, and they’re only #7 in their league. Cincy and USCe are rated lower; USCe is awful.

The Ags are #82…but #10 in passing defense.

I’m expecting a tough game tomorrow.

Why the Hogs win by double digits. We won’t have to throw much.

A&M was the best defense we faced last year when we got to that game. We handled their defense fine. 445 yards of offense. Would have been 550 if KJ had not gotten hurt.

I expect the same this year. Our offense is really good this year. The Hogs are good. People need to understand that.


You realize their rushing defense looks that bad because they have played us in just a 3 game sample. If your team has played against the #4 Power 5 rushing offense in the country, your rushing defense stats are not going to look good. A&M has not played against a really good rushing team so far.


Teebow just raved about KJ and said that for the last 2 years KJ is throwing completions over 20 yards at a 58% rate, the best in all of college football. I knew he was good but had no idea he was the best at it in all of football.

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My thinking is we haven’t played against a good defense either. As noted above, three games is not a great sample size. But, the Hogs have played three real teams, so our stats are probably more reliable than the Aggies’. I like our offense. If we can execute fairly well on offense, we should win this game.

I think Cincy will, once the season is over, prove to have a pretty good defense equal to the low middle or middle of the SEC. A&M’s is better than Cincy but I don’t think it is a huge difference. Our offense is settling in and expanding its playbook so we are better now too. I think we win by 10 again.

Bama’s only giving up about 50 yards a game rushing this will be a severe test for both teams. We haven’t faced anybody near as good as them and they haven’t faced anybody that can run the ball anywhere as well as we can.

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