Key Stats from Arkansas' 91-43 win over Rice

The first thing that stands out to me is Rice had six offensive rebounds, but zero second chance points.

There is an efficiency formula called Manley’s formula. It’s calculated like this: PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK - Missed Shots - TO = efficiency rating.
Every Arkansas player that played tonight, besides Ty Stevens, had a positive efficiency rating.

Rice didn’t have a player play that was over 6 foot 10, but the Razorbacks held their own by scoring 42 points in the paint.

Two funny moments happened in the postgame interview room.
Mason Jones came into the media room and was surprised that he had a career high 32 points. Then Musselman said in his press conference afterward that Mason came up to him during the second half and asked to go back in because he needed three points for 30.

Also Musselman said, “Adrio Bailey, first time since Ron Artest, subbed himself back into a game. I was a little bit shocked. I looked up and the guy walked up to the scores table without approval from the coaching staff so give him credit for taking it upon himself to sub himself in.”

I loved that IJoe committed a foul with 4 seconds left in the 1st half…and it was his first foul. and the team’s SIXTH!

I can’t recall an opponent not being in the bonus, for an entire half, since…I don’t even know.


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