Key stat tonight

Arkansas’ 2 through 6 hitters went 0-for-19. The Hogs got production from other spots in the lineup, but not from the ones you expect to produce.

Glaring stat Matt.
Dave put all his eggs in one basket for the championship game and I don’t blame him.
Our hitting got us to the championship game and ultimately was our undoing.

The effort by this team after losing some quality pitchers was amazing. Overachieving is an understatement.

Bring on Feb. 2018

Go Hogs!

yeah that was ridiculous and all we needed was them to to put the ball in play!! a couple times.

I think this was the result of the long SEC Tourney and the long Regional. They were just plain tuckered out.

I think it was the result of the two games Sunday that lasted until 3:10 in the morning. It looked to me like a lot of guys were just swinging with their arms because their legs were gone.

If you are used to waking up at 6 or 7 a.m. and one day you wake up at noon, the whole routine of the day is thrown off. That no doubt had an effect on both teams. The Bears just happened to make one or two plays more to win.

I knew when we put ourselves in the position of having to win three in a row we were in trouble. Very hard to do against quality opponents, but our guys played their hearts out. Very proud of these Razorbacks!