Key Stat After First Game

Yep, the Hogs won. That is truly the key stat…as well as covering the spread.

But, my “key stat” is Ty Storey leading the SEC in passing efficiency after game 1 (with a gaudy 257.8), and #2 in the nation. Sure the Hogs played a rent-a-win opponent, but so did several other SEC teams.

I’ll also note that I did not previously think that Ty was capable of leading the Hogs. I was very mistaken.

I have to add one key stat - we only gave up 1 sack I believe which is way different than the last 2 years.

My key stat- 55 points

Read all three post that are here so far and your post makes the other two post become possible. One sack I believe was the key, hope they can keep that stat going forward, good post. WPS

Another key stat is the 5 fumble recoverys we forced.

The guys were hustling to the ball. Big change.

I agree on all front of this post and topic and replies. Let’s see how much we improve week one to week 2. We will not force 5 turnovers very often and cannot rely on that every week for sure. I also felt confident in they way CCM managed the game clock.

For the first one out of the gate I felt the staff managed the clock and made adjustments very well. Here’s to the team gaining confidence and showing improvement from game-to-game and keeping the recruiting momentum on the high side. A few more throws to the tight end in the next few games would help with Mr. Henry also.

Talk about managing the clock, how about that score right before halftime. There was some coaching aggressiveness as well as good clock management going on there.

We had TWO scores right before halftime. Pettway scored with 1:20 left and Jones with 0:45 left.