Kevin Sumlin

I live down here amongst lots of Aggies. Good heavens, they’re awful. Zero sense of humor. Make fun of anything — those boy cheerleaders in white jumpsuits, their ignorant fight song called a War Hymn, those silly yells, that laughable tradition of staying to cheer after they lose the game, etc – and they are ready to fight.

Growing up as a Razorback, circa 1960s, there was always one constant – Arkansas always beat A&M – always. It was a great truth from the Great Hog on High.

Enter Kevin Sumlin – the only A&M coach to ever have a winning record versus Arkansas, undefeated to be exact. And Brett Bielema, perfect defeated – the only Arkansas coach to have a losing record versus A&M, excepting Jack Crowe.

Jack Crowe and Brett Bielema, that’s a dynamic duo.

But Aggies are good at screwing things up – so even though Sumlin gets to a bowl game every year, despite injuries and problems not of his doing – and always beats Arkanssas, the Aggies in their infinite wisdom (an oxymoron for sure, Aggie and Wisdom), are going to fire Sumlin.

I think he’s a great coach – great recruiter for all those who are obsessed with signing lots of 5 star players — great Texas connections – I think the Hogs should pick him up once A&M fires him and Bret is let go. This would be of course after we are bitterly disappointed after losing out on Malazahn and others who just wind up getting big raises thanks to us.

We would never lose to the Aggies again.


I’d want Sumlin as an OC.

Not a HC, but I’m not sure if I’d want him calling plays. I’d want him as a recruiter.

He shouldn’t be fired at A&M but he also should have done better, they are in a very fertile recruiting area.

I like him, but no as HC.

But he’s 6-0 versus Arkansas – no Aggie coach has ever had a winning record against the Hogs…much less gone 6-0…