Kevin Sumlin versus Mike Norvell.................

…assuming the Gus bus never arrives, I am not sure that Kevin Sumlin is not a better hire than Norvell. His overall record is good, he can for sure recruit Texas and would dearly love to lead us against the Aggies every year. He would bring a powerful staff and I think that is Norvell’s weakness. He is too young and too inexperienced to get a top flight staff put together. No matter how good of a recruiter he is, if the staff is weak or unproven at this level, that will be a big hurdle.

While his record at A&m is not great, i would sure take that over ours since the bike wreck.

I dunno. I find it hard to believe that he will recruit as well or better at Arkansas than he did at A$M. He may be able to take hissn and beat yourin in OT, but I don’t think he can take yourin and beat hissn. Regulation or OT.

How can he do better at Ark. than at A&M?

Sumlin is the reason for A&Ms recruiting success.

They have always been in fertile recruiting ground but until Sumlin, they were getting guys like kirk, Garrett, Watts… etc.

I had this conversation with my friend, a life time Aggie fan boy, who is very upset with the firing.

Sumlin is one of the best recruiters in the country, and wherever he lands lookfor aome A&M commits to flip.

He should be able to recruit at A&M. He’s had moderately good records, but below what he ought. I’d rather take a chance on someone else

My worry with Sumlin would be player development and retention, both of which are more important at Arkansas than A & M. They have had tons of guys leave their program for a variety of reasons, and their roster is littered with lots of highly rated guys coming out of high school who have not done much in college.

why not Scott Frost over Sumllin we can give frost a better deal than nebraska

I’ve wondered if we are targeting him.

We certainly should.

And you are correct.

As Matt pointed out in another thread, Scott Frost played at Nebraska. If they want him, he’ll go there. Besides, I don’t know why anyone would think we can give him a better deal than Nebraska. We might be able to match their offer, but they have as much money as we do & we’re not his alma mater.

Him playing their is definitely in there favor.

But no, Nebraska can’t match the money Arkansas could offer, out revenue far out does theirs. They are 24th in total revenue I believe Arkansas is 14th.

Regardless, all indications are Scott is going home, and it’s probably our best interest not to waste time on him.

Without checking the accuracy of those rankings, I’d suggest the difference is not material enough to affect the ability of either school to match the other in salary.

I don’t think we have to worry about it, there won’t be a bidding war.

Looks like we aren’t interested, and have our eyes set on other guys, who I think are actually better fits.

Lived in Houston the years that Coach Sumlin was at Univ. of Houston - he would be an unbelievably great coach for the Hogs. He was out-recruiting Texas/A&M and the other ‘major’ schools for kids! Has been a winner everywhere he has been. We would have been pretty happy with Coach B having his record for the past 5 seasons.

I love the idea of Sumlin. He has proven headcoaching experience. Regarded as a recruiter. Knows the HS prospects in Texas. He’d be able to relate to the kids. And, he’d likely bring a more wide open offense to the Hill.

I like this so much, I’m confident it won’t work out :smiley:

Don’t you think at least some of A&M’s recruiting success is the move to the SEC?

He can recruit…


He can recruit…
[/quote] just keep him off escalators

tFrank Broyles went to school at Georgia tech but he coached here at arkansas and Scott Frost could also coach at ARKANSAS also

I think it would be insane to hire Kevin Sumlin. Its heck lot easier to recruit to Texas A&M it would be to Arkansas.

The Texas A&M coaching job is on par with the Alabama coaching job. He should have won at lease a couple of conference titles, while at Texas A&M.