Kevin Scanlon

I just heard them at Duds mentioned on the radio that Kevin was no longer being considered for AD because of a heart condition. ONLY addressing the heart condition, that is not true period. He has no heart condition. I work with him every day and have for the last 30 YEARS and he is in very good shape. He takes care of himself. Works hard. Geez, always wonder how something like this gets started but at least we/you all have the facts now …?

Glad to hear that about him.

He is someone I’d like to see in that job.

I did not say that he was no longer being considered for the AD job. Didn’t say he was either.

He has no health issues.

I think Scanlon would make a great AD and would be available immediately one would think.

If ever there was a former Razorback deserving of consideration to become AD, it is Kevin Scanlon. First, he’s vibrant and strong. No health issues. None.

Moving on from that, I can say first of all that I consider him an old friend. He handled my dad’s personal finances and did that well. When he touches something, it’s going to turn out well. At the very end of my father’s life, he came to my dad’s house several times. There was no one that my father was more excited to see come through the door than Kevin.

Kevin has a brilliant business mind and that’s what is required to be Power 5 athletic director. He knows the SEC, knows Arkansas and understands football. That’s the key elements. You don’t rise through the ranks at Stephens, Inc., without being brilliant.

I do know Kevin understands an athletic department. He would be at the top of my list in hiring an athletic director.

Kevin is a great communicator. He’d do well in front of a Razorback Club.

Kevin is a great guy. He actually handled my dad’s finances as well when he was beginning his career.

Hope springs eternal. It is part of being a Razorback.