Kevin Obanor

Looks like he’s staying in the draft

FWIW, don’t see this happening.

Oh no Senor RD!

Do you believe there is a player or players in a similar spot (withdrew from draft, in portal) that we have a shot at?

Well I was wrong as usual. Obanor officially withdrew from draft and is entering thde transfer portal. Noticed that Max Absmas is also withdrawing and returning to ORU, so the pull for Obanor to return to ORU with Max will be strong.

Is OK St a player? I imagine their big booster (name escapes me) is going to love this new NIL game.

His statement above seems to eliminate ORU. Sure sounds like a “thanks for the great memories, but I’m going to the portal” letter.

T Boone Pickens? He’s dead, so unless the NIL is for caskets…

Look for Baylor to be a player. He came out of the private church-school league in Houston.

Richard, wasn’t there a deadline a player has to transfer by to be immediately eligible? I recall it was July 1.

Oh. I hadn’t heard that. Thanks.

The player had to give a written statement to their school’s compliance office of their intent to transfer before midnight of July 1. So basically the deadline to transfer has passed.

As of now, no.

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Punch to the gut Senor RD, but I appreciate you being truthful.

We are in his top ten

I made such a loud scream noise when I saw the news my wife came runnng into the room and thought something was wrong haha.

Let’s hope Senor Davenport has heard different news on this from what he had recently heard.

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Interesting that neither ORU or Baylor (speculated as leader on here) are included in his top 10. Here’s an article by Busting Brackets that lists the Hogs as his 4th best choice despite our loaded roster. They think his best fit would be Illinois.

May have to adjust my thinking. We’ll see.


Obanor’s Twitter feed, for what it’s worth, indicated that the amount of fan love (retweets, memes, etc.) shown to him on social media would play a role in his decision. So far a lot of Hog and Texas Tech fans participating. Is he actually going to consider that? :man_shrugging:

That doesn’t sound like a good way to decide where to go? Sounds like a child’s way to choose something. The quality of coaching staff and fitting the system and the head coach should be it,

Read for yourself. Is he serious or just playin’ around? We shall see,

RD :bomb:!!!

I am freaking out. Right. Now!

Good thing my wife isn’t home yet cause I just yelled so loud!