Kevin Obanor names Arkansas in top 4

Had story ready but was driving for a family issue.

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Well……. How we feeling?

I can barely handle this!


Couple of questions here?

I know he pulled out his name from the NBA well past the transfer portal deadline. I think that was July 1… not sure there. So I didn’t think he would be eligible to immediately transfer.


Could he have already turned in his paperwork before the deadline knowing he was either going to NBA or Transfer? Can you do that? Is he actually eligible for us this next season?

I’d love to have him, but there have been a bunch of confusing things out there in other threads.

Think that’s a good question Votan.

Obanor has graduated, and I think the July 1 deadline doesn’t apply to grad transfers. But I could be wrong.

That is exactly what Cockburn did. He filed with the Portal on, or before, July 1st, but didn’t withdraw from the NBA draft until July 6th. I would imagine that someone made certain that Obanor did the same thing.

Busting Brackets picked the top 4 (of his 10) yesterday and hit 3 of the teams. They had OK in and left Bama out. Illinois was their top pick.

With Obanor listing us in his final 4 publicly, it is a legit question now. Are we a serious contender for his services? Has this recently gone from a pipe dream to something more of a serious potential?

Just seems pretty crazy to go to the team that beat you, but I’d gladly take him. Gladly! Would be a tremendous pick up. I’m not sure where we are on Schollies though, but obviously he wouldn’t affect next year.

Kevin Durant did exactly that


I think it’s still an uphill battle. He said a decision was coming soon. Wouldn’t shock me to see him announce something tomorrow or soon afterward.

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Alabama’s writer Drew DeArmond thinks we lead for him, and said they were no longer recruiting him.

Richard you think Illinois or Texas Tech gets him then?

Why do you say that, Richard? Who do you see as a better fit for Kevin than us?

We have one open scholie for the 2021-22 season.

Being in final two, gives us a great shot,

Will say more later after he announces.

Do we have a shot still?! I’m barely hanging on!

Sounds like you think a decision is eminent, RD.

He has a zoom with Muss today, we’ll know soon.

Does he also have a zoom with the TT coach today?