Kevin Kopps?

Where is he being seen fitting in on the pitching staff? Some had projected him as a started but he was not mentioned yesterday by DVH.

Kopps still isn’t 100 percent in his rehab from Tommy John. He might pitch this weekend, but I don’t think it will be much.

I think he could work his way into the starting rotation at some point this season.

I thought I covered Kopps in what I wrote yesterday. Here it is in case you missed it: … -pitching/

Van Horn said Kopps has his velocity back, but not the exacting location of his pitches, what coaches call command. He can’t hit spots like he did before, but is starting to get that back.

The scouting report on those coming back from Tommy John surgery is that their arm is stronger, but they have to re-learn command of pitches. It is the last thing to return. Kopps doesn’t have command now. He’s leaving pitches in hitting spots. It will return, or does with most. He’s 15 months out from surgery. He’s probably another month from being fully rehabbed. He’s in the final stages of his return to form.

Van Horn thinks he’ll probably use Kopps for an inning or so either this weekend or against USC. And, then they will evaluate if he can be used more. They are moving along cautiously.

Thanks very much, hope he continues to progress.