Kevin Kopps

Caught a brief discussion on 103.7 The Buzz last week about Kopps. (This was about 3:00 pm, before Drive Time Sports.) Someone had emailed a question to the program inquiring about Kopps’ progress with AA San Antonio. One of the talking heads emphatically stated that Kevin was too old (25) and would never make it to MLB…even though he was so highly decorated in college.

Has anyone heard anything about Kevin lately. Can’t find much on the Padres or MLB websites

Basic stat line from
Note: all of his 2022 stats are from AA San Antonio.

2022 MiLB Stats 1 1 4.33 29 0 4 35.1 35 1.50
MiLB Career Stats 2 1 3.24 43 0 7 50.0 57 1.28

Those numbers don’t look so good.

I know he struggled early in the year with his control he wasn’t giving up many hits but the walks were killing him so when he was giving up a hit he was giving up runs and that was killing his era

I like baseball, but really don’t understand much about the science of pitching.
Found this interesting article that addresses how aging affects pitchers. Hope Kopps can beat the curve and have a great MLB career.

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