Kevin Kopps

Kopps had 3 K’s against Tenn in 3 innings in the last game. He had 1 K in 2 and 1/3 today. Seems like he is not getting the swing and misses that he was getting earlier in the year. He did get win number 11 today. 11 wins and 10 saves is awesome. Woo Pig.

Van Horn said the idea tonight was to pitch to contact with Kopps on two strikes. They were going for low pitch count. The strikeout pitch might be a ball if they take it. With a 1-run lead, they go for strikeouts. With a 6-run lead, you pitch to contact and save the arm.

So that might explain why there were not so many swings and misses. The 2-strike pitches were better to hit.

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It’s that kind of thinking that makes a good coach. It might be the type thing they’d all think of, but it never occurred to me. He didn’t throw many & we got the win.

One good thing about that game’s pitching is that no one used up their arm for the weekend. Just hope Wick & LL can go deep in the next two games.

With storms moving in, I’m thinking the wind should be coming in from the South pretty good. I would prefer that so that the park will play large and we can pitch to contact somewhat.

NWS forecast says wind from the southeast today and tonight, which is straight in from center field at BWS. Not very strong through, 5-10 mph. The ball Wallace hit would have gone out in any wind. Maybe Franklin’s too, because it kinda cut under the wind.

I think you meant Battles’s HR. That one might’ve gone out with gale force winds. Wallace’s was deep, but not as long as Battles’s.

I also think Webb’s ball would’ve been out. It was on a rope.

I’m afrsid that the balls down the line with wind blowing in would have curved foul. All you need to understand that is to play golf with the wind in your face. A draw or a fade become hooks and slices! I know!

I’m glad you posted this. I was thinking last night that Kopps might be pitching with a weary arm. I thought his “drop off the table” pitch just wasn’t as sharp a drop as during the regular season.

Actually thinking back both of Battles’ and Wallace’s would have been out. They both crushed it,

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