Kevin Kopps.... Super Hog

HE IS A BEAST!! Pitches multiple times and is just nasty to hit!


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Thanks… didn’t realize I put it on the wrong board

If Kopps wasn’t so valuable as a reliever / closer he would definitely be our ace starter. But he has won to many games at the end.
I’ve noticed when he comes in early around 6th inning he pitches like a starter using an array of pitches (5-6) that all work. That makes sense to keep batters guessing when he may face some twice.
But when he comes in 8th or 9th, batters just whiff at the cutter, slider, & that odd moving 2 seamer FB. Uses mostly 3 pitches, done deal.

Georgia coach was saying yesterday that his hitters all knew what was coming from Kopps and they still couldn’t hit it.

Guess they need that hayseed S. Carolina TV guy to “coach them up”…lol…



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